Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith: We're Fighting for Our Marriage!

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Earlier this month, just before all hell broke loose in the West thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith reunited.

Their reunion in South Africa came weeks after some bitter and very public feuding in which they had made accusations against each other.

The couple are a fan-favorite, in part because fans absolutely adore Daniel, Tiffany's son, and his bond with Ronald.

Now, Tiffany is taking to social media to clear the air about where things stand with Ronald.

She also has a lot to say about her family, from happy milestones to some bad news.

Take a look:

1. Where do they stand?

Where do they stand?
So, Tiffany and Ronald are a beloved 90 Day Fiance couple. Tiffany met him in South Africa and they hooked up. She also became pregnant and decided to try to make it work.

2. But ...

But ...
There were some obstacles, and we don't just mean that Ronald's home in SA had terrible internet. Even working past his gambling addiction, she decided that the safest place to raise Daniel and Carley would be the US -- and that she would bring over Ronald with a spousal visa.

3. They were still a family

They were still a family
Ronald had bonded with Daniel in a very endearing way, melting the hearts of 90 Day Fiance viewers.

4. Everything was good ...

Everything was good ...
Until early this year, when suddenly the two were going their separate ways. When Ronald went public with a bizarre cheating allegation, Tiffany was forced to calmly reveal what had happened -- that he had relapsed with his gambling addiction.

5. But then ...

But then ...
The two of them seemed to be doing better in early March when Tiffany came for a visit.

6. But photos together aren't everything

But photos together aren't everything
As you can imagine, a lot of fans have a lot of questions. Taking to her Instagram Stories to do a Q&A, Tiffany is answering a bunch of them.

7. People are rooting for them!

People are rooting for them!
Tiffany appreciates the support. And, presumably, so does Ronald.

8. How is baby Carley doing?

How is baby Carley doing?
Her first bottom tooth is coming in. Awwwww!

9. Tiffany has enjoyed her visit to South Africa

Tiffany has enjoyed her visit to South Africa
She even got to go on a bit of a safari -- presumably before the pandemic curbed non-essential activities.

10. Speaking of which ...

Speaking of which ...
Tiffany says that she is on lockdown but, like in some parts of the US, it is unfortunately no very strict which means that it is less effective.

11. She's sharing a lot with fans

She's sharing a lot with fans
Tiffany has been known to be pretty direct with her followers, and it is honestly refreshing.

12. More on the kids

More on the kids
Carley is so precious and EVERYONE loves Daniel, who is finally coping with the reality of COVID-19 and the necessity of sheltering in place.

13. Tiffany has bad news on that subject

Tiffany has bad news on that subject
Her great uncle, who was particularly at risk, has tested positive for the coronavirus. That is horrifying.

14. She's feeling desperate

She's feeling desperate
Medical care is grotesquely expensive, and she may start a GoFundMe to that end. A lot of people are struggling right now, and we're in the early stages of the pandemic.

15. On another topic ...

On another topic ...
She and Ronald both regret their public bickering earlier this year. Ronald made an absurd accusation that Tiffany had cheated. Tiffany explained that she had caught Ronald relapsing. It was a mess.

16. But, to be clear

But, to be clear
They are not legally separated. They are not divorcing or divorced.

17. And there's more ...

And there's more ...
There is a lot that we 90 Day Fiance fans just do not know about Tiffany and Ronald's relationship, but that doesn't mean that she's prepared to share it with everyone. In the mean time, she hopes that everyone remains safe and healthy.

18. This sounds promising!

This sounds promising!
Note that Tiffany isn't teasing any 90 Day Fiance returns at the moment, though that is often a reason for stars to play things close to the vest.

19. We're all rooting for them!

We're all rooting for them!
A lot of 90 Day Fiance couples are disasters, or made up of a pair of scammers each hoping to game the other out of what they want. The couples that are really in love and interested in forming a family? Those are the good ones.

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