Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Really Are Back Together For Some Reason

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In light of the current state of things, some people are going easy on their diets or asking out their crushes, since the world's kind of ending anyway.

But even in this pandemic, the coronavirus isn't the only thing that you might not want to let into your house or your life.

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have been teasing fans with an apparent reunion.

Fans wondered if they were just sheltering in place together for convenience, or better yet, just trolling fans with old footage.

It is with a heavy heart that we tell you that none of these excuses are panning out.

Ashley and Jay are back together, romantically, for real, and Us Weekly has confirmed this grim scenario.

By our count, this is their fifth reconciliation.

We're doomed.

1. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fans may not exactly be SHOCKED that Ashley and Jay are back together, but they're certainly having strong reactions. (For that matter, their former castmate Asuelu apparently made a vocal almost-squeal at their big reveal)

2. They've split SO many times

They've split SO many times
Right after their wedding, Ashley caught Jay cheating. It sure LOOKED like a breakup on the show. If this one wasn't long enough to count as a split, then they've only reconciled FOUR times that we know of.

3. Then, in January of 2019

Then, in January of 2019
Ashley filed for divorce on January 11 of last year after finding out that Jay boned some random girl in a barbershop bathroom.

4. Then, in the spring

Then, in the spring
Ashley found out that Jay had basically never, ever quit cheating on her, so she broke up with him again. This is believed to have been their longest breakup, stretching on for months -- months that included Jay spending almost all of July behind bars.

5. Then, they secretly reconciled

Then, they secretly reconciled
Last fall, Ashley and Jay got together again in secret, and managed to keep it under wraps for WEEKS before the world found out. Disaster.

6. Obviously, Ashley has been through it all

Obviously, Ashley has been through it all
Last December, she finally got Jay to sign divorce papers ... but he sabotaged the attempt, writing the wrong date and therefore making the entire document invalid.

7. Clownery in the first degree

Clownery in the first degree
Jay has never publicly expressed what fans consider to be real remorse for cheating on Ashley or refusing to grant her the divorce that she deserves. And now, they have reconciled again.

8. We'd call it unbelievable, but ...

We'd call it unbelievable, but ...
... We believe it. This is more than just Jay being hot. Ashley has openly admitted that she still loves him. Emotions are a curse.

9. So take a look at this

So take a look at this
Like other reality TV personalities, Ashley and Jay have participated in social media challenges like the "Switch It Up" challenge, shown here, which Ashley used to unveil Jay's return to her life.

10. Check out Ashley's IG

Check out Ashley's IG
In a recent Instagram Story, Ashley stepped away from memes and challenges to show a photo of Jay and a friend cooking in her kitchen. Oh no.

11. And then there's Jay's Instagram

And then there's Jay's Instagram
Jay used his Instagram Stories and a Q&A with fans to all but confirm that he has once again snaked his way into Ashley's ... life.

12. Are they still married?

Are they still married?
Jay is playing coy, but the answer is almost certainly yes. As we explained, Ashley's divorce last December couldn't go through because Jay had sabotaged it.

13. Will they do 90 Day Fiance again?

Will they do 90 Day Fiance again?
Jay says that he's not sure -- but that if he does return, he understands the show better than he did before. Notably, he has famously claimed that multiple cheating instances were manufactured by the show, even though none of the evidence that people have seen supports that claim.

14. Some folks are celebrating

Some folks are celebrating
Yes, every couple has fans, and while most fans want to see Ashley live her best life and move on to a non-toxic relationship, others are rooting for their latest (sixth?) attempt at a healthy marriage. Or maybe they're just eager to open a betting pool to see how long it lasts this time. That's not very nice.

15. They're fighting ... for their marriage

They're fighting ... for their marriage
It's unclear if Jay is making a deliberate joke here, but his reply is true!

16. But WHY?

But WHY?
As Jay points out, it's their decision. Like when your friend decides to get bangs and you grit your teeth and, through tears, try to say "yas queen" but all that comes out are sobs and despair.

17. To be clear, they didn't *get* married

To be clear, they didn't *get* married
They've been married this whole dang time, to Ashley's repeated chagrin. Jay dragging his heels on signing divorce papers has worked to his advantage again and again, wearing Ashley down. Clearly, it's still working.

18. Still, fans are cheering them on

Still, fans are cheering them on
We all try to support people as they make choices and follow their bliss. But this feels less like cheering on a messy friend's latest ill-advised relationship and more like seeing your friend who quit drinking after their seventh DUI start tweeting about whiskey again.

19. Still, this much is true

Still, this much is true
Jay and Ashley are both hot. And so are some of the friends who appear to be sheltering in place with them.

20. And here's the confirmation

And here's the confirmation
Jay may have been playing coy on Instagram, but an inside source confirms to Us Weekly that Jay "has moved back in” with Ashley and that the couple is “working things out and [back] together."

21. The timing is not great

The timing is not great
When Jay cheats on Ashley again (this is not an if question in anyone's mind), unless Ashley has just accepted that this will happen and is fine, will she be able to kick him out during a pandemic? Being stuck together may not be so cozy after that.

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