Jenelle Evans Didn't Visit Her Kids For 3 Weeks, Still Might Be Winning Her Custody Battle!

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For the second time this week, Jenelle Evans and David Eason are back in court.

As you're probably aware, the controversial couple has spent the past several weeks fighting for custody of their children, who were removed from their care back in May.

The kids were placed with relatives by decree of a family court judge, but that was only a temporary decision.

Now, Jenelle and David are putting everything they have into this legal battle.

And despite some truly deplorable behavior in and around the courthouse, it looks as though they have a very good chance of coming out on top.

Check it out:

1. Round 2

Round 2
After losing their first custody battle in May, Jenelle and David are now fighting desperately to regain the right to raise their children.

2. Inauspicious Beginnings

Inauspicious Beginnings
The Easons second bout with the family court system got off to a rocky start, largely because of David's erratic behavior at the courthouse.

3. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
Yes, this overgrown toddler can't even control his tantrums until he gets home! In fact, it looks as though he's becoming more and more petulant the longer this thing drags on.

4. The Worst

The Worst
Whether he's having words with his daughter's grandmother or threatening Nathan Griffith for talking to the press, it often seems that David can't last a day without some sort of emotional outburst.

5. Locking Horns

During the earliest days of the custody battle, David famously went on the offensive and clashed with reporters who were on hand for the hearing.

6. Progress?

So far this week, David has refrained from going off on any photographers. His newfound restraint may have been the result of advice from his lawyers -- or it might have had to do with the nature of today's sessions.

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