Jenelle Evans and David Eason: Horrifying Secrets from The Land Revealed!

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Things with Jenelle and David ...

Well, they're not good.

They currently don't have custody of any of their children, they're both unemployed -- it's really just a terrible situation.

But thanks to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, we now know a little bit about what's been happening inside the courtroom where they've been trying to regain custody.

And against all odds, everything just sounds way worse now.

1. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Another day, another horrific story about Jenelle and David, right?

2. The Horrors

The Horrors
We've heard so many things about how awful life was in the Eason home for their poor kids, and we've seen plenty of things, too.

3. This Guy

This Guy
Nobody has time for a complete rundown of every bad thing these people have ever done, but remember when David was so sketchy that he was investigated by the Secret Service and the FBI?

4. How Sweet

Or how about this video filmed presumably by Jenelle in which we see David call her a "piece of sh-t" and tell her that she could die for all he cares.

5. Right, Right

Right, Right
Another video filmed by Jenelle at night showed David racing off in his rtuck while she screamed after him to not come back, and that she'd call Maryssa's grandmother to come pick her up -- because dragging your stepdaughter into your insane fighting is a totally normal, not horrifically cruel thing to do, right?

6. This Old Chestnut

There was also the 911 call from last fall in which Jenelle told the operator through hysterical sobs that David had physically assaulted her.

7. And This

And This
Speaking of 911 calls, there was another one from just before Christmas last year where Jenelle called because David had gotten upset over something he read online and started destroying things outside, including their front door -- he was seen at Lowe's that same day, buying a new one.

8. Too Sad

Too Sad
But we don't want anyone to think that the only bad things the kids experienced was the insane fighting between Jenelle and David -- nope, there was also alleged abuse and neglect, too.

9. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
Nathan and his mother, Doris, who up until recently had been supervising his visits with Kaiser, have been telling everyone for years now that David and Jenelle don't treat the kid right at all.

10. Ugh

They've said that Jenelle neglects the kids by putting them outside and locking the door for hours, and of course by letting David interact with them.

11. So Wrong

So Wrong
And they've said that Kaiser has told them on more than one occasion that David has hurt him -- Nathan claimed that he told him David hit him with a stick, and Doris has alleged that he told her David punched him in the head.

12. More Recently ...

More Recently ...
Like we said, this is in no way a complete list of the Eason parenting fails, but let's go ahead and move onto the thing that set off this current chain of events -- the death of poor Nugget.

13. RIP

Nugget was Jenelle's French bulldog, and at the end of April, David beat and killed her after she nipped at Ensley. Yep, instead of teaching the kid to be more gentle with animals, or instead of properly supervising them together or even rehoming the dog, David just skipped right to the most traumatic choice possible.

14. Tragic

And it was traumatic -- reports claimed that the killing was so brutal that David was covered in blood when he came back inside, and Maryssa was so disturbed by what she saw that she went to her room and didn't come out for the rest of the night. Kaiser mentioned it at preschool, which was apparently what kicked off the investigation.

15. Lock Him Up

Lock Him Up
Police began looking into the matter, along with animal control, and whatever they found was enough for them to advise CPS to remove all the children from the home, and that's what they did.

16. Big Changes

Big Changes
Now the kids all have official temporary guardians while Jenelle and David do court-ordered counseling in order to hopefully regain custody, although it's believed that that won't happen anytime soon.

17. Not Going Great

Not Going Great
That's partially because the process just takes a while, but also because Jenelle and David just aren't doing great. They've been skipping several of their weekly supervised visits with the kids, blatantly disregarding court orders -- remember when Jenelle grabbed Ensley outside the courthouse and told Barbara that if she had a problem with it she could go get a police officer?

18. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
And now, thanks to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, we have an idea about how things have been going inside the courtroom.

19. Who Would Have Guessed?!

Who Would Have Guessed?!
And surprise, surprise -- that's not going great, either.

20. Go, Maryssa!

Go, Maryssa!
The report centers on Maryssa and was posted yesterday after the week's third hearing -- a source told the site “Maryssa didn’t have to testify today, but she testified on Thursday and Tuesday."

21. So Brave

So Brave
“Maryssa is the star witness and she’s been doing a great job, getting up on the stand and telling the court what she witnessed.”

22. Gross

The Ashley hasn't gone into too much detail about what's been said in court so that the kids can maintain their privacy, and because it's such a sensitive subject, but we did learn a couple of things about what Maryssa said in her testimony.

23. Just Awful

Just Awful
One, Maryssa said that Jenelle and David told her that if CPS ever came by the house and asked any questions, "she was told to lie."

24. Despicable

She also said that when Jenelle and David were ordered to hand her and Ensley over, they "took them to [Jenelle’s friend’s] house so that they weren’t home when CPS came."

25. Hooray!

From what Maryssa said, and from everything we know about the situation, it sounds like she really went through hell, but thankfully a source said that she's “thriving now that she’s out of there."

26. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Not only that, but “They are planning to enroll Maryssa back into regular school, as long as everything goes their way. They do not want her to continue to be homeschooled.”

27. Sounds Right

Sounds Right
That's extra good news, because remember those leaked videos from inside the home? The Twitter account that posted those claimed this week that Maryssa said in court "That they sat around smoking weed all day and made her take care of the kids.. didn't homeschool her at all."

28. Good Riddance

Good Riddance
If Maryssa really is spilling all these secrets, and if she really is doing so well now that she's back with her mother, it's probably for the best that Jenelle and David are reportedly no longer interested in regaining custody of her.

29. Truth

Regardless, they don't deserve her.

30. Here's Hoping

Here's Hoping
We just hope that her testimony is enough to protect the rest of the kids, too.

31. See You Next Week!

See You Next Week!
The next court date is scheduled for Monday afternoon -- we're sure there will be some new nonsense or tragedy to discuss then.

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