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All is supposedly right with Jenelle Evans’ world these days.

Well, at least for the next five hours. Maybe 2-3 days.

It’s sad yet predictable that no sooner does David Eason declared Jenelle the love of his life or some s–t, than the Teen Mom 2 twosome breaks up in dramatic fashion.

Just as reliably and hastily, she comes back to this obviously unstable, allegedly abusive madman, acting like this circus never happened and is all entirely normal, dude. 

As many have noted, you can never really trust anything that the Easons post, from professions of love to epic fights that could be confused for a pro wrestling match.

Again, all is well on The Land as of April 20, but just a few weeks ago, she was clearly giving David a second chance – and making some frankly alarming claims.

Take a look back on what she wants you to forget.