Remember When Jenelle Evans' Phone Was Smashed and She Was Terrified of David Eason (Earlier THIS MONTH)?

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All is supposedly right with Jenelle Evans' world these days.

Well, at least for the next five hours. Maybe 2-3 days.

It's sad yet predictable that no sooner does David Eason declared Jenelle the love of his life or some s--t, than the Teen Mom 2 twosome breaks up in dramatic fashion.

Just as reliably and hastily, she comes back to this obviously unstable, allegedly abusive madman, acting like this circus never happened and is all entirely normal, dude. 

As many have noted, you can never really trust anything that the Easons post, from professions of love to epic fights that could be confused for a pro wrestling match.

Again, all is well on The Land as of April 20, but just a few weeks ago, she was clearly giving David a second chance - and making some frankly alarming claims.

Take a look back on what she wants you to forget.

1. Duelin' With David

Duelin' With David
They're always at it. Just weeks after Jenelle Evans moved back to North Carolina with the goal of salvaging her marriage, she and David Eason were at war with one another once more.

2. A Messy Split

A Messy Split
As you probably recall, Jenelle and David went their separate ways back in October of 2019. And it was decidedly NOT an amicable separation ... or so they would have us believe.

3. What a Guy

What a Guy
In the months leading up to the separation, David shot Jenelle's dog, got her fired from MTV, and caused her to temporarily lose custody of her kids.

4. Finally!

Jenelle leaving David seemed like a no-brainer, and few were surprised when she announced that she had separated from her abusive husband.

5. An Oscar-Worthy Performance

An Oscar-Worthy Performance
"Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that's what is best for me, and for my kids. Today I've filed papers to start that process," an allegedly-heartbroken Jenelle wrote on Instagram.

6. Cause For Concern

Cause For Concern
Fans feared for Jenelle as she hinted that she had reason to believe that David would do her bodily harm if he were able to track her down.

7. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
"David does not currently know where I am, but once he learns I'm afraid he will try to come find me and hurt me," Evans wrote.

8. Something Fishy on the Land

Something Fishy on the Land
Shortly thereafter, however, fans began to suspect that Jenelle and David had not actually separated at all, but were instead conducting an elaborate hoax with the goal of getting her re-hired by MTV.

9. The Jig Is Up

The Jig Is Up
These days, Jenelle is back on The Land and back together with David. She never admitted that the whole thing was a ruse, of course.

10. More Lies

Instead, she's pretending that she decided to give David a second chance for the sake of her children ... the same children that David has been accused of abusing.

11. Beach Day

Beach Day
For a few days there, it looked as though Jenelle and David might really be committed to making it work, as they documented their family outings and attempted to give the impression of domestic bliss.

12. That Didn't Take Long

That Didn't Take Long
But now, either cracks have started to form in the facade, or Jenelle and David have decided to fake another round of domestic discord in hopes of landing a reality deal (or at least getting paid to promote some clickbait "exclusives").

13. We Wonder Who It Could Be?

We Wonder Who It Could Be?
The drama started - as it so often does - with some cryptic Jenelle posts in which she hinted that someone had done her wrong.

14. When, Indeed?

When, Indeed?
“Can’t trust a soul…. EVER,” Jenelle wrote on Facebook Wednesday morning. “When will it stop,”

15. Belaboring the Point

Belaboring the Point
In case anyone had any lingering doubts about her mental state, or what's left of it after two and a half decades of living a hard life, Jenelle added a broken heart emoji.

16. Another Escape?

Another Escape?
“Someone take me away, far away,” Evans later added.

17. Ensley on The Land

Ensley on The Land
Jenelle also posted this photo of daughter Ensley, with a caption reading, “My kids are the only ones that make me happy.” Sounds like bad news for Dave!

18. Public Love Letter

Public Love Letter
All of this comes on the heels of David posting a lengthy ode to Jenelle on his own Instagram page.

19. Close and Bonded?

Close and Bonded?
"You will always be the love of my life @j_evans1219 I’m so happy that we have become so close and bonded recently," Eason wrote.

20. Quarantine Romance

Quarantine Romance
"Here’s to a lifetime of our own kind of quarantine, boat rides, ATV trails, living off the land, etc," he continued. (Barf.)

21. Wasn't She Living In Nashville Like a Month Ago?

Wasn't She Living In Nashville Like a Month Ago?
"I don’t think we are going to have a hard time staying secluded lol we already have been for awhile," David concluded. (Seriously, didn't she move out of state?)

22. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
It's worth pointing out that Jenelle's posts appeared on April Fool's Day, which happens to be the same day that the non-compete clause in her contract with MTV expired.

23. Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream
In any case, we hold out hope that soon enough, she may see the light and move on from this dangerous situation for good. But sadly, she appears trapped in this prison of her own making.

24. The King and Queen of Unemployment

The King and Queen of Unemployment
Sadly, it doesn't stop with them. There's more at stake here than the financial prospects of two grownups who really, really don't want to get jobs. Think about the young people who have no choice in the matter, yet suffer the consequences.

25. A Terrifying Situation

A Terrifying Situation
Jenelle said she feared for her kids' lives when she left David. And the idea that she's now placed them back in harm's way - as she reliably does, even after downright awful situations she momentarily breaks away from - is deeply disturbing.

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