Jenelle Evans: David Eason Doesn't Abuse Me! LEAVE ME ALONE!

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Ever since David Eason first appeared on Teen Mom 2, there have been lots and lots of viewers who believe that he's abusive in some way to Jenelle Evans.

And that's for many, many reasons.

Obviously we can't say for sure what's going on down in that sinking swamp house, but we can consider what Jenelle herself has to say about it.

Which is convenient, because in her latest Twitter rant, she had a whole mess of things to say about it!

1. Shady Dave

Shady Dave
So David Eason ... he's never been a likable character on Teen Mom 2, we'll say that much.

2. "The Worst"

"The Worst"
He came into Jenelle's life shortly after a breakup with Nathan Griffith -- there were many breakups, but obviously David popped in after that last one. And before too long, Jenelle's mother, dear Barbara, was proclaiming that he was the worst boyfriend she's ever had.

3. THAT Bad?!

THAT Bad?!
Which, if you consider Jenelle's dating history, is a pretty bold claim.

4. Bad News

Bad News
Barbara has said that David is too controlling, and we have to say, based on the footage we've seen of him on the show, that seems pretty accurate.

5. What a Creep

What a Creep
Early in their relationship, David decided that Jenelle shouldn't be talking to Barbara or Nathan at all, and instead, he'd speak to them regarding anything concerning Jace or Kaiser. It was a great big red flag, but things only got worse from there.

6. Lots and Lots of Claims

Lots and Lots of Claims
For instance, remember when we found out about David's arrest history? And, more importantly, about those awful court documents filed by the woman he dated just before Jenelle?


In those documents, the woman claimed that David grabbed her by the throat and told her "I will kill you, bitch." He was never charged with anything related to those claims, but there's been more accusations.

8. Not a Great Sign

Not a Great Sign
Like, there's that thing about how David has just recently been able to see his son because the boy's mother had sole custody after he allegedly assaulted her while she was pregnant. The kid had his own restraining order against him and everything.

9. Hmmm

Let's see, more reasons why David is the worst ... he always been pretty awful towards Kaiser, Jenelle's second child. Lots of people, including Barbara, believe it's because Kaiser looks so much like Nathan, who David hates with the fire of a thousand burning meth pipes.

10. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
We've seen David mock Kaiser for crying several times, we've seen him jerk him around by his arm, we've seen him literally throw him into a car.

11. So Sad

So Sad
If you believe Nathan and his mother, Doris, Kaiser once told them that David punched him in the face. David's treatment of Kaiser and alleged abuse was a big reason why Doris tried to get custody of the adorable little boy last year.

12. Well, Jenelle ...

Well, Jenelle ...
On top of that sadness, last season we started seeing some more weird stuff between David and Jenelle, like the time that Jenelle texted producers to let them know they couldn't film because they'd been fighting all day. Then, when they showed up the next day, David insisted that nothing was wrong and everything was great while Jenelle desperately tried to turn the conversation towards her new jellyfish tank.

13. Oh, Honey

Oh, Honey
Also there was that time where they almost broke up immediately before their wedding, but then went along with it anyway. Seriously, red flags, Jenelle, figure them out.

14. When Does It End?!

When Does It End?!
There's been some weird stuff this season too, for sure, most notably the family vacation that ended early when Jenelle and David couldn't deal with caring for four kids all by themselves without the ability to send them outside/to another parent or grandparent.

15. Scary

Specific examples of sketchy behavior from the vacation include David telling Kaiser that he wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom and that if he had an accident, he'd be in trouble (Kaiser is three years old, remember) and David trying to turn off MTV cameras in the car while telling the kids how terrible they are.

16. Totally Normal, Right?

Totally Normal, Right?
Then there was the time that police came to do a welfare check on the kids and David answered the door without a shirt on, rudely told the officer to leave, then, assuming Nathan was responsible for the visit, declared he was going to "bust his motherf-cking head open."

17. Too Much

Too Much
Look, it's just a lot of bad, bad stuff, OK? That's what we're getting at with this. David Eason is a great big creep, the vast majority of Teen Mom 2 viewers (and also Jenelle's own mother) get the absolute worst vibes from him. It's bad.


But, according to the always reliable (LOL) Jenelle, everything is totally, completely, 100% fine. Nothing to see here. Besides a healthy, stable marriage, that is!

19. A Plea

A Plea
On Twitter, a comedian named Tammy Pescatelli reached out to Jenelle, writing "I don't know you. I do know #Violence. When I was your age I had an extremely violent & controlling BF, who crushed me physically & emotionally. I was blessed to escape w/my life. I was dead inside. I see that same look in your eyes. RUN! Leave!"

20. This Girl ...

This Girl ...
Jenelle responded with "Dear Whoever You Are, I’ve been through many many controlling, emotionally and psychically abusive relationships. My husband does not ‘crush me’, hurt me, or abuse me in any way. I did run away from many diff men and choose to start over and fresh every single time."

21. Too Kind

Too Kind
Tammy also told Jenelle that she should leave "If not for you, for your kids. Not only do they not need to fear the monster that lives in their house, but 1 rage could be the accident that ends it all. No judgement. Only <3. Reach out. PPL will help."

22. Oh, Come On

Oh, Come On
And to that part, our girl said "If you only knew what type of 'monster' David was.... you’d be surprised. When your son refuses to make a Fathers Day gift for his real dad and says his stepdad means more to him... THAT speak volumes. You only know what you see for 5 mins on a show each week, months ago lol."

23. Wake Up

Wake Up
Another person told Jenelle that "David is scary to any woman who had ever been in an abusive relationship. The tell tale signs are there. Even in the little time he spent on camera. Be safe."

24. Dang It, Jenelle

Dang It, Jenelle
"Uhm... well he doesn’t scare me," she replied. "Don’t make a statement like that unless it’s truly factual. 😑 as long as I’m happy that’s ALL that matters, holy sh-t."

25. All That Matters, Huh?

All That Matters, Huh?
Just real quick, it feels relevant right now to point out that Jace has said at least twice that David scares him -- once to Jenelle, and once to his therapist. But hey, as long as Jenelle's happy, right?

26. Facts Only

Facts Only
Jenelle has never been with a decent guy. Ever. They've all been hardcore addicts or she's accused them of assaulting her or both -- usually both. So if she has a history of choosing terrible men, and if David has a history of assault charges, and if David also gives everyone who sees him on the show some massive heebie jeebies ... think about it, girl.

27. Sure, Whatever

Sure, Whatever
But you know she won't -- when yet another follower told her that David is "scary" and offered her words of encouragement on doing better, Jenelle simply said "I think he's sexy."

28. Don't Forget the Pills

Don't Forget the Pills
On top of all of this awfulness, Jenelle actually did us a solid and explained all those pills we saw sitting on her kitchen counter -- you know the ones.

29. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
Instead of the pills being for "seeing molecules," that issue she had a few seasons back, or because David is a "drug salesman" as he denied being this season, they're all for totally legit and not at all suspicious medical reasons.

30. Take That, Dude!

Take That, Dude!
"David has medication due to not having a thyroid anymore," she said, "Jace is on medicine 😑 , I have GERD and esophageal spasms, we get sick sometimes so antibiotics. We need to organize it better lol."

31. And There You Have It!

And There You Have It!
So David is a perfect husband and father, and it's no big deal that they keep a thousand prescription bottles on the counter in a house full of children because they have a few health problems. Why is everyone freaking out about Jenelle's life when it's obviously going so great? LEAVE HER ALONE, DUDES!

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