90 Day Fiance The Other Way Trailer: Tears, Fears & Mortal Peril Coming Soon!

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Even before the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way midseason finale aired, we were teased about the rest of the season.

Check out our summary below of what the rest of Season 2 has to offer.

More tears, more fights, and multiple life-threatening emergencies are on their way.

We see Deavan and Jihoon's problems mount as the COVID-19 pandemic hits.

Ariela has to be rushed into surgery, and that's far from the end of her drama.

Sumit isn't going to stop trying to make it work, but he and Jenny have an uphill battle.

Kenneth and Armando run into trouble with Armando's family, and it's not even clear if they'll be permitted to marry.

Brittany's flight to Chicago seems to cause problems -- and Yazan has good reason to for his life.

1. It starts with a simple question

It starts with a simple question
The midseason trailer for The Other Way's second season begins with Deavan asking Jihoon, quite simply, if he has ever cheated on her. Now, we know that the two appear to have split and we also know that Elicia has assured fans that Deavan's presence in the US will make sense after they have finished the season. Could infidelity play a role in that story? Or is this just bait -- for example, Deavan explaining why Jihoon should trust her do to modeling work or something like that.

2. Meet the parents

Meet the parents
Kenneth and Armando concluded the first part of this season by bidding farewell to Kenneth's daughters, who flew back home, and then beginning a drive of their own to head down to see Armando's parents and pick up his daughter, Hannah. The two are engaged, but Armando wants them to meet Kenneth before they know that ... but will it even happen?

3. Things look grim

Things look grim
Armando just wants his family to love and accept him for who he is. He has only recently come out to them (again), this time on camera. It doesn't look like his father is up for this conversation. Some parents simply do not deserve their children. That said, maybe this tense moment is just that -- a moment that will pass with a rewarding and emotionally positive payoff.

4. Meanwhile, in India

Meanwhile, in India
We know that Sumit sits down and talks with his parents -- on camera, even -- but it doesn't sound like it goes as well as they might have hoped, because Jenny is asking Sumit about his priorities between her and his parents. Obviously, if they'd sat down with him and said "you're a grown man and we want you to be happy, so please, live your life and live your dreams!" Jenny would not be asking how Sumit feels right now.

5. He's staying positive

He's staying positive
Sumit vows that he's not going to give up on Jenny or on having a relationship with his family, no matter what.

6. More problems

More problems
Brittany video chats with Yazan, who seems taken aback by her -- it's not clear if this is over another social media "scandal," something that his family has said, yet another argument, or if Brittany has finally, finally come clean about her divorce.

7. But Brittany claps back

But Brittany claps back
She says that she wants Yazan to "act right," which presumably she would not be saying if she had just fessed up about having been legally married up to that point.

8. As we saw in the midseason finale ...

As we saw in the midseason finale ...
Brittany had to fly home to Chicago. In light of that, we now know that Yazan at least suspected that she was not telling him the whole truth. Brittany told him that she was going to see her sister's newborn, but she neglected to mention that she had received an email out of the blue about a divorce hearing in Chicago.

9. It sounds like he gives her an ultimatum

It sounds like he gives her an ultimatum
We don't know exactly what it was, yet, but it is clear that Brittany is not going to acquiesce.

10. In Ethiopia, things take a turn for the worse

In Ethiopia, things take a turn for the worse
Ariela is still with Biniyam after their fight in the midseason finale, it seems, but at a doctor's appointment, they learn that not only will Ariela need to have a C-section, it will have to happen that day.

11. This is SO scary

This is SO scary
C-sections are scary for anyone. It involves cutting through your abdominal wall and uterus in order to remove the baby. Ariela is undergoing the procedure the same day that she learns that she will need it, and this is happening in an Ethiopian hospital before her parents can even arrive to be there. We don't blame her one bit for crying.

12. Things get tense in Columbia

Things get tense in Columbia
Tim Clarkson asks, for some reason, whether Melyza has cheated on him. Notably, Melyza did reveal in the midseason finale that she has been keeping something from Tim, but we do not know what.

13. She doesn't owe him any answers

She doesn't owe him any answers
Tim DID cheat on her, so she feels doubly insulted by the question. That Tim wants it for his "own piece of mind" is not helping.

14. Then, the pandemic hits

Then, the pandemic hits
South Korea may have handled the COVID-19 pandemic much better than the US did (honestly, it would be hard for any government to handle it worse!), but they were hit early by the pandemic and they were hit hard.

15. Safety first!

Safety first!
Deavan appears wearing her mask, and so does Jihoon. We also see Drascilla and even baby Taeyang in masks.

16. This is a high pressure situation

This is a high pressure situation
We all know what it's like to go on lockdown. In ten days, I will have reached the 6-month mark of avoiding all non-essential activities that involve leaving the house, and I assume that this goes for most folks. It's no wonder that Deavan may be feeling like she's cracking under the pressure. Through tears, she admits that she doesn't want to be there anymore.

17. Ariela's baby is okay ... well, medically

Ariela's baby is okay ... well, medically
Biniyam's sisters urgently tell Ariela that if her baby is not baptised, the wee newborn will know only torment in perdition for all eternity. We can respect their sincerely held religious beliefs while also pointing out that it is not reasonable to expect someone to convert just so that their baby can go through a religious ritual that they themselves do not even want.

18. Ariela is no longer alone

Ariela is no longer alone
Her mother has returned, as she had planned to do for the birth of the grandbaby, and her father is also there. Notably, Ariela's parents are from an interfaith marriage, but it doesn't look like either of them had this kind of conflict that Ariela is now facing.

19. So much red tape

So much red tape
Kenneth and Armando appear to be turned down for marriage. Now, Mexico has had legal same-sex marriage for years, now, so it is unclear what justification there might be turn them down. We suppose that we will find out. It could be innocuous. Or it could be that some local office is deliberately making it difficult to be married. As we all know, there are some bigots in this world who will use every loophole that they can to make it difficult for marginalized folks to live their lives.

20. Ariela feels so alone

Ariela feels so alone
It's not clear if this is before or after Ariela's parents arrive (remember, C-sections have lengthy recovery periods, so it would not be unusual for her parents to have time to fly all the way to Ethiopia before she comes out of it), but Ariela is once again feeling isolated and miserable.

21. In Jordan, things get serious

In Jordan, things get serious
When Brittany returns, Yazan stresses to her that he cannot be carefree about ... something. His life? His relationship with her? Something else?

22. Yikes

While we are relieved to know that Yazan is still alive to this day, we see his father very explicitly threaten to murder Yazan. We don't know the context but, even if it's not literal, it sounds serious.

23. And it may BE literal

And it may BE literal
Someone explains to Brittany that some people now hate Yazan and would like to hurt or kill him. She had no idea -- because she knows Jordan, the country, not Yazan's family, and Yazan either did not understand or did not explain it to her. Kind of like how there are plenty of things that you can do in most parts of the US, but might not be safe with some specific family in ... well, just about any state, really. Brittany seems to feel both fear and guilt in this moment, though its cause is not specifically clear.

24. We'll see all that and more, very soon!

We'll see all that and more, very soon!
90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 will resume on October 11. Anyone else feeling super hyped for the Tell All? I have SO many questions.

25. Watch the trailer for yourself

In this video, you can see the teaser -- with tears, fears, emergencies, and death threats -- for yourself. October 11 will be here before we know it!

Wait! There's more! Just click "Next" below:

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