Jenelle Evans Celebrates Return of Kids, Trashes Nathan Griffith

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Jenelle Evans received the news she had been waiting for last week:

A judge declared that her two kids, two-year old Ensley and four-year old Kaiser, must be returned to her care... following over a month in which they lived with relatives because authorites have decreed that Evans and her husband were keeping them in an unsafe environment.

So, now that these toddlers are back home, Jenelle is just keeping quiet and ejoying her time with them, right?

She's not starting or continuing any feuds and she's just kicking back and savoring every second with her family, right?


Evans has already hurled shade at Amber Portwood and Nathan Griffith, the latter of whom is the father of Kaiser and who was able to spend more time with his son than ever before after Kaiser was removed from Jenelle's home.

What has he said in the wake of their return?

And how has Evans fired back? Scroll down to find out!

1. Let's Set the Scene, Shall We?

Let's Set the Scene, Shall We?
As a quick refresher: David Eason shot and killed his family's dog this spring because he claimed it put Ensley in danger by snapping at her.

2. Bye, Bye, Kids

Bye, Bye, Kids
Child Protection Services then swooped in and took Enlsey, Kaiser and Eason's 11-year old daughter from a previous relationship, Maryssa, away from Jenelle and David.

3. Many Hearings Followed...

Many Hearings Followed...
Eason and Evans went to court on numerous occasions in the weeks since in order to plead their case and prove they actually ARE, indeed, fit parents.

4. ... Until a Verdit Was Handed Down

... Until a Verdit Was Handed Down
On July 3, Evans Tweeted the news that her kids were on the way home. Per various reports, the judge in the case stated in court that she “did not see evidence of neglect” on Jenelle and David’s part.

5. Evans Said She was Crying "Tears of Joy" in Response

Evans Said She was Crying "Tears of Joy" in Response
She added in an interview that a couple teachers testified on her and David's behalf, stating for the record that they had never had any issues with the couple as parents.

6. Let the Celebration Commence

Let the Celebration Commence
Because she got her kids back on July 4, Jenelle was able to go out and celebrate with them all weekend long. She shared photos such as this one online to show how much fun they were having.


Here is another photo from the holiday weekend.

8. And Another!

And Another!
We make fun of Jenelle a lot, because she deserves it, but we are glad to see these kids having a blast.

9. We Hope They're Wearing Sunscreen

We Hope They're Wearing Sunscreen
Would it shock anyone if Jenelle failed to put some on?

10. #BeachDays

That is what Jenelle wrote as a caption to this photo of herself on the beach, as she tries to relax after getting her children back.

11. SO Happy!

SO Happy!
"I am ecstatic to regain custody of my kids back!" Evans said in a statement released by People Magazine late last week. "Throughout this long process and final decision, I am excited to be moving forward and continuing to show America I'm a good parent."

12. Wait a Minute, Though

Wait a Minute, Though
Griffith cared for Kaiser during this custody drama, and he now has something to say about his son being forced to go live again with Evans - and that violent bigot, Eason.

13. Trying to Remain Chill

Trying to Remain Chill
“I’ve calmed down a bit and just relying on my faith at this moment,” Nathan tweeted on July 7, clearly referring to the judge’s decision that took Kaiser away from him.

14. More from Nathan

More from Nathan
"I’m not going to put my two cents in," Nathan said, trying to sound neutral, prior to linking to a "NC Judicial Standards Complaint Form" and writing: "Any input will help. The judge’s name is Pauline Hankins. TY #TeamGriffith."

15. Fans are on His Side

Fans are on His Side

16. This is a Nice Effort, We Guess

This is a Nice Effort, We Guess
There's only so much Nathan can do -- but we doubt a bunch of random Internet users sending complaints about Jenelle to the North Carolina judicial system will sway the court.

17. Jenelle Has Taken the Bait, Of Course

Jenelle Has Taken the Bait, Of Course
All Evans has to do here is be quiet and care for her kids. She's already "won," so to speak. The best thing for her to do here would be to shut the heck up.

18. But She is Incapable of Doing This

But She is Incapable of Doing This
"One of the hardest issues of my life consists of dealing with the most immature people that cannot co-parent," she just Tweeted this weekend... about Nathan, of course.

19. Even Jenelle Knows She Should Shut Up

Even Jenelle Knows She Should Shut Up
She followed up the previous Tweet with this one.

20. What About Maryssa?

What About Maryssa?
This poor 11-year old has been overlooked here. She is David's daughter from his past romance with Whitney Johnson Rich -- and she testified AGAINST her dad in the custody hearing, according to reports.

21. We Really Feel for Her

We Really Feel for Her
And we aren't alone. In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Maryssa’s stepdad, Shane Rich, said that he, as well Whitney, are VERY afraid for Maryssa to be back in the care of Jenelle and David.

22. Really? What Did He Say?

Really? What Did He Say?
“We are very upset and Maryssa is traumatized,” Shane told The Ashley. “She was very brave and honest and the justice system failed her. We just told her to protect herself… and do what she has to do to peacefully survive there. It’s a sad thing for a child to have to do, but it’s the only option in this situation, for now."

23. They Fear the Worst

They Fear the Worst
“My wife feels helpless and we both have a very bad feeling about this,” Shane concluded.

24. More on Maryssa

More on Maryssa
As The Ashley earlier reported, Maryssa testified against Eason... but then a recording was played in court that apparently outed the very young women as a liar. Weird, right?

25. What Was This Recording?!?

What Was This Recording?!?
“The recording they tried to use was supposedly from 3+ years ago,” Shane now says, adding that it was allegedly provided by Whitney’s old boyfriend. According to Shane, the recording was of Whitney stating that Maryssa was “loyal to her.”

26. Jenelle and David Eason

Jenelle and David Eason
Shane explained that Whitney’s ex got on the stand at the custody hearing and helped the Easons’ case. For real!

27. It's Hard to Fight the Law

It's Hard to Fight the Law
“We’re unsure of how much weight that carried,” said Shane, who attended the hearings with Whitney. He continued: “My wife and her lawyer fought a good fight. And people will say they’d do this and that, but they don’t know unless they’re in that situation. What you think you can do might not be what you can get done.”

28. Totally. Heartbroken.

Totally. Heartbroken.
My wife’s lawyer and CPS said there’s nothing anyone can do. CPS had strong evidence, but there’s no justice system,” Shane also said. “There’s no redemption for a woman whose had a previous substance abuse problem. My wife already knew how she was going to be looked at, she’s been through it time and time again. We hope [the judge] slept real good last night. We surely didn’t! Our hearts are broken!”

29. Barbara Evans Agrees

Barbara Evans Agrees
Jenelle's mom still has custody of Jace, but cannot believe the judge arrived at his decision last week. "The Columbus County judge did a great injustice to these children," Barbara told E! News in response.

30. Where Do Things Go From Here?

Where Do Things Go From Here?
Nowhere, we wish/hope/pray. It would be great if we never heard about Jenelle's kids ever again because they were safe and happy and just living a regular, drama-free life. But we strongly fear this won't be the case. Stay tuned.

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