Jenelle Evans Celebrates Birthday, Hints at New Relationship, Slams David Eason!

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We probably don't need to tell you Jenelle Evans has a flair for the dramatic.

Sure, there's a lot of legitimate drama in her life, but Jenelle's ability to turn a mountain into a molehill is unrivaled.

She's basically what would happen if an all-caps comment section rant from someone with a username like MAGAMom came to life.

To be clear, we're not talking about Jenelle's abuse allegations against David Eason.

We have every reason to believe she's telling the truth in that regard, and it's just about impossible to be overly dramatic about an abusive relationship.

What we're referring to here is Social Media Jenelle -- the woman who's always going through the BEST or WORST (pissed-off face emoji) time on Twitter and Instagram.

Frankly, it sounds exhausting -- and Evans has been more emotional than ever in the weeks since she filed for divorce from Eason.

In fact, she's been so effusive in recent weeks that some fans think there's more going on in her life than she's willing to say.

Take a look:

1. The Mind of Jenelle

The Mind of Jenelle
Jenelle Evans has been in rare form lately. Obviously, Evans is always highly emotional on social media, but she's really been laying it on thick in recent weeks.

2. Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl
Jenelle celebrated her 28th birthday today. She marked the occasion by posting on Instagram for the first time since announcing her split from David.

3. Jenelle Reborn

Jenelle Reborn
Or perhaps we should call it a rebirth day, as Jenelle claims she's a completely new woman now that she's free from David.

4. Well, She HAS Romanced a Few Chemicals ...

Well, She HAS Romanced a Few Chemicals ...
“Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person," Jenelle captioned the pics, attributing the quote to My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way.

5. The Transformation Begins

The Transformation Begins
As many commenters have pointed out, Jenelle tends to assume the identity of whomever she's dating. So when she was with David, she played the role of homesteading hillbilly wife.

6. It's As Bad As It Sounds

It's As Bad As It Sounds
During this time, she seemed to listen almost exclusively to an atrocious blend of rap-infused country music dubbed "hillbilly hip hop."

7. A Good Regression

A Good Regression
These days, however, it seems Jenelle has returned to her angsty, early 2000s self. We can't imagine David putting on some guy-liner and rocking out to MCR.

8. Paying Tribute to a Queen

Paying Tribute to a Queen
Evans seemed to acknowledge this return to her roots by tweeting an old Teen Mom 2 clip in which she attempts to explain her deep love for Kesha.

9. Content For a Change

Content For a Change
Obviously, it's interesting that Jenelle says she's been reborn in recent weeks -- but some fans think that's just one of many indications that Evans has more to smile about than she's letting on.

10. Freedom Looks Good On Her

Freedom Looks Good On Her
Many commenters have pointed out that Evans appears to be happier than ever these days.

11. Dave-less

Obviously, the smile on Jenelle's face might just be a result of her joy at having finally escaped an abusive relationship. Or there could be something more going on.

12. Keeping a Secret?

Keeping a Secret?
There's a widespread rumor that Evans is involved in a new relationship. Many believe she relocated to Nashville in order to be closer to her new dude.

13. Music City Romance?

Music City Romance?
Jenelle did indeed make a trip to Nashville just a few weeks ahead of her divorce, and during that time, she made the acquaintance of a musician named Travis Tidwell.

14. Moving On Already?

Moving On Already?
Though some of her fans are convinced that Evans is romantically involved with Tidwell, Jenelle swears that's not the case.

15. On the DL?

On the DL?
Jenelle is being more secretive about her private life than ever these days, and while it seems she's not dating Tidwell, that doesn't mean she's completely single.

16. Jenelle's New Boo?

Jenelle's New Boo?
A friend of Jenelle's recently posted this photo in which she's seen hanging out with some random gym bro. Naturally, fans began to speculate that the guy is her new boyfriend.

17. Bros Being Bros

Bros Being Bros
Of course, the same account posted this pic of Gym Dude hanging out with Jenelle's ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith.

18. Friends Again

Friends Again
As you may know, Jenelle and Nathan recently reconciled after years of feuding, and it seems they've finally worked out a healthy co-parenting relationship.

19. Something to Hide?

Something to Hide?
So in all likelihood, Gym Dude is just a mutual acquaintance of theirs -- but Jenelle fans will not let go of this rumor that she's dating someone new.

20. Also Moving On

Also Moving On
As for David, if his social media pages are any indication, he's been hooking up with a young single mom from the Nashville area.

21. Traveling Man

Traveling Man
David has been forced to make several trips to the city for court dates pertaining to Jenelle's restraining order against him.

22. Hitting the Town

Hitting the Town
At least a couple times, he stayed overnight and hit some bars in Nashville. It seems it was during one of these nights out that he made the acquaintance of his mystery woman.

23. David In Denial

David In Denial
David says there's nothing going on with the woman, but then again, the man is deeply allergic to telling the truth.

24. In the End, Who Cares?

In the End, Who Cares?
Whatever the case, Jenelle has finally realized she's better off without him, and for that, we applaud her.

25. The Battle Continues

The Battle Continues
Now here's hoping she'll be able to expose the truth about this maniac in court.

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