Kailyn Lowry: Teen Mom is Nothing But Drama, and I'm Too Good for It!

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Kailyn Lowry has been involved in a whole lot of Teen Mom drama over the years, hasn't she?

So it kind of makes sense that she was there when everything went down with the Young and Pregnant girls at the reunion.

But, believe it or not, Kail is over all the fighting and feuding between cast members.

And she's got some words to say about it.

1. Our Girl Kail

Our Girl Kail
Oh man, can you even think of all the drama Kailyn has been involved with in her time as a reality star? Maybe, but it sure would take a while, huh?

2. Oh, Javi

Oh, Javi
Some of it isn't all her fault, like all the stuff that happened between her and Javi. They loved each other, then they didn't, and they both did things that weren't exactly kind or right.

3. Oh, Briana

Oh, Briana
Or like the stuff with Briana -- they got into it with each other because Briana started dating Javi when Javi was still sort of involved with Kailyn, and also because Javi didn't handle things all that well. Both ladies made some bad moves during that feud.

4. Girl, No

Girl, No
And some of the Kail drama has been her fault completely, like her recent anti-vaccine statements. How are you going to compare vaccines to the Holocaust and NOT get in trouble for it, you know?

5. Gross

But sometimes, the drama isn't her fault at all. David Eason's continued harassment of her comes to mind as a good example for this.

6. Here We Go

Here We Go
Also the absolute mess that was the most recent Teen Mom reunion special.

7. Huh?

So this time around, MTV did the reunion a little differently. Usually at the end of a season the cast comes together for a reunion that's aired in two parts, but this time there's been three parts -- two with the Teen Mom 2 cast, and one with the Young and Pregnant cast, but also with some of the Teen Mom 2 girls.

8. Oh Hey Jade!

Oh Hey Jade!
This week, the part of the reunion with the Young and Pregnant girls aired, which kind of makes sense, because the current season of that show is still airing now. And at one point during the night, all the girls were brought out, with Kailyn and Jade Cline (formerly of Young and Pregnant, currently on Teen Mom 2) joining them.

9. So Much!

So Much!
We talked about all this when it was filmed, but basically what happened is that Ashley Jones, a Y&P girl, got upset with the other cast members and started picking fights with the other moms.

10. Jealousy?

She started with Jade -- there seemed to be some bad blood there because Jade was chosen to move to Teen Mom 2 as Jenelle's replacement. She said that she was asked to replace Jenelle first, but she turned the offer down so she could stay on Young and Pregnant.

11. Fighting Words

Fighting Words
Ashley said that she was supportive of Jade until she said something shady about her, but Jade insisted she never said anything about her. Ashley agreed with that because Jade doesn't "have the balls," to say anything, which really seemed to set Jade off.

12. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
Jade said that the last time she spoke with Ashley, Ashley sent her a DM to say that her mother was a "crackhead bitch," but Ashley replied that, in her defense, Jade's mom IS a "crackhead bitch."

13. Wow

A lot happened after that -- both girls stood up, Dr. Drew stepped between them, some security guards came out and everyone was talking over each other.

14. Kail to the Rescue!

Kail to the Rescue!
But Kailyn, who had been sitting beside Jade, was heard repeatedly telling Jade to just walk off the set and not engage.

15. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
Jade followed her advice, but then Ashley started in on Kayla Sessler about something else -- Kayla was sitting right next to Ashley, and Kailyn told her to switch seats with her in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

16. Oh Man

Oh Man
After that, Ashley just started going after everyone. She was standing up and addressing all the other cast members, saying that she wasn't the problem, everyone else was. She told each girl that she'd been supportive of them, even Kail, and she agreed.

17. A Mystery

A Mystery
But shortly after that, Kailyn stormed off the stage, saying "Bye! Bye, Nessa! See you later!" Nessa, of course, being Dr. Drew's co-host.

18. Hmm

So what happened? Well, let's break it down.

19. Oooh

According to someone in the audience at the reunion who reached out to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, “Nessa quietly told Kail to back up and sit back. It was clear that Kail was interfering with the drama, and it seemed like Nessa wanted to see it play out on-stage."

20. Oh Dang

Oh Dang
This is true -- if you listen closely during the fight, you can hear Nessa say "Kail, sit back." Kailyn, who you can see behind a security guard, looks very confused and says "What?!" That's when Nessa tells her to "back up," and then that's when Kail figures out what she means and leaves the set.

21. Interesting

According to the audience member, "Nessa later explained that she said it because she was concerned for Kail’s safety, but that was obviously not true, because they brought Kail out and put her right in the middle."

22. Sounds About Right

Sounds About Right
"Everyone wanted that fight to happen because the audience loves that drama and Kail was ruining that."

23. So Weird

So Weird
It really does make sense -- things could have definitely gotten physical between Ashley and Jade, and things were getting heated between Ashley and Kayla, but Kail calmed things down. Reunion drama has always been great for bringing in viewers, so we wouldn't be surprised if all of this is true.

24. Well ...

Well ...
But to the point where, as the source claimed, “Nessa was almost pissy about it and told Kail, like, ‘Come on!’ and gave her a dirty look"? That seems a little extreme. If that's how it happened, then it's no wonder Kail got upset.

25. There's More!

There's More!
It all makes even more sense when you consider what Kailyn herself said about the reunion on her Instagram story yesterday.

26. Getting Started

Getting Started
She kicked things off by saying “I just want to address everything that happened on the third part of the Reunion last night. I did not watch it, mainly because I didn’t want to relive what happened.”

27. Right

“You know I had my Reunion drama like two seasons ago and I regret how I acted, and I regret so much of that day,” she said of her fight with Briana. “I wasn’t going to let MTV put Ashley and Jade in a situation where they’re pinned against each other."

28. Fair

“I had actually gone up to the producers prior to being on stage with the ‘Young & Pregnant’ cast and I told them I did not think this was a good idea, and that there was no real reason for me and Jade to be on stage with the other girls,” she continued, and there's really no arguing with her logic there.

29. More Drama

More Drama
“It took me a long time to get to this place, but I just hate seeing that MTV is now kind of specifically pinning girls against each other.”

30. All About the Ratings

All About the Ratings
“I think MTV really got what they were looking for in the ratings when me and Briana had our drama, so I don’t like that they’re kind of taking advantage of the younger girls, ’cause they’re newer,” she said. “And I think some of them feel that they don’t have a voice necessarily to speak up against what they do or don’t want to film."

31. Tell 'Em, Kail

Tell 'Em, Kail
"I really didn’t want to film that scene, I didn’t want to film that segment but there’s this [thought of] do my job or stand up for what’s right. At that point, it was like, if they’re saying it’s fine, I guess I’ll just do it, and I went against my better judgement and sat on the stage with them when there was really no need for me to be up there in the first place.”

32. The Real Question

The Real Question
But if Kail was never on Young and Pregnant and if she didn't want to film the segment ... then why was she even on it?

33. Oh

As she explained it, “One of the ‘Teen Mom 2′ cast members met me in my room after the fact and literally asked one of the producers why Kail is always picked to do the bullsh-t of the show and I, in my heart of hearts, believe that MTV thought I was going to egg on the girls’ drama basically, just based on my history."

34. Sorry, Girl

Sorry, Girl
Still, she said “I feel like I’ve grown a lot since then and it kind of irritates me that I was picked to be in the middle of all this drama because, yeah, I was friends with Ashley and, yeah, I had introduced Jade to ‘Teen Mom 2’ through my podcast but I really didn’t have anything to do with that."

35. A Transfer

A Transfer
She did explain that the idea behind the whole Young and Pregnant segment on the Teen Mom 2 reunion special was that hopefully TM2 viewers would get interested in Y&P and the ratings would "transfer over," since Young and Pregnant isn't nearly as popular as Teen Mom 2.

36. No More Drama

No More Drama
“But I just really didn’t like that I was dragged into something that I was really trying to get away from, as far as like the drama goes,” she added.

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