Jenelle Evans' Baby Daddies Throw Down in Embarrassing Reunion Segment!

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Long before David Eason came along and immediately began destroying her life, Jenelle Evans dated an endless string of losers.

None of them were as bad as David, obviously, but since Jenelle got pregnant by two of them, they've continued to play a role in the sad downward spiral that is her life these days.

One of these guys, Nathan Griffith, has been a thorn in Jenelle's side for years, as he's battled her for custody of son Kaiser.

The other, Andrew Lewis, pretty much disappeared after knocking Evans up, but now he's back -- and he's almost unbelievably douchey.

Both baby daddies turned out for part 47 bajillion of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special last night -- and the whole thing was gloriously awkward.

Take a look:


1. The Dads

The Dads
Yes, both of Jenelle's previous baby daddies showed up for part 3 of the reunion special. Was it a corny stunt? Of course. But it made things awkward for Jenelle, so we're all for it.

2. Back For the Last Time

Back For the Last Time
But before the Nathan and Andrew could speak their minds, it was Jenelle's turn on the hot seat.

3. Out With a Bang

Out With a Bang
The disgraced Teen Mom 2 star was fired from the show last month, which means the segment she appeared in last night will likely be her last ever. And predictably, it did not go well ...

4. Still Beating That Drum

Still Beating That Drum
During a Q&A session with the audience, Jenelle defended her decision to set fire to Kail Lowry's peace offering. She also continued to promote her non-existent makeup line.

5. Whatever You Say

Whatever You Say
"Honestly, I have my own little projects going on. I don't just take my name and slap it on a product either," Evans ranted.

6. Grasping at Straws

Grasping at Straws
"She said she sent it to all the girls and she didn't send it to Briana," Jenelle said of Kail's gift. "She's kind of talking out her ass in that scene."


From there, Jenelle defended her parenting skills and argued that she had been misrepresented on the show.

8. Parting Words

Parting Words
"It didn't show me changing diapers, getting them ready for school, it didn't show any of that," she added. "People don't get to see everything."

9. End of an Era

End of an Era
It's a little disappointing that Jenelle's final appearance on the show wasn't a bit more dramatic, but with that, she left the stage and cleared the way for the unintentional hilarity of The Nathan and Andrew Show.

10. Times Have Changed

Times Have Changed
These days, Nathan has full custody of Kaiser, but at the time the reunion was filmed, he was permitted to spend very little time with his son.

11. Personal Attention

Personal Attention
"I think I have a lot more one-on-one attention," Griffith said. "Over there, there's four kids over there constantly. I think there's a lot of things I disagree with Kaiser deals with over there."

12. Cut Off From His Son

Cut Off From His Son
"There are times I want to pick up the call and make sure Kaiser's doing okay. She has severed that tie," he alleged.

13. Sad Situation

Sad Situation
"I can't communicate. I don't know if it's because of her, if it's because of David," Griffith added. "I don't know. I have no communication with my son, only on the weekends."

14. Speaking of David ...

Speaking of David ...
"I can't hold a civil conversation with that guy acting like a banshee. He is just a crazy animal," Nathan correctly pointed out.

15. Enter Andrew

Enter Andrew
After that, it was Andrew's turn. And while we haven't seen the dude in a while, we quickly remembered just how ridiculous he is.

16. Fatherless Child

Fatherless Child
"Jace doesn't even know him," Barbara pointed out when Andrew lied about wanting to be a part of his son's life. "You can't just show up one day and say, 'Hi, I'm your father' and not see him again for two years. You need to be consistent."

17. He's Got a Point

He's Got a Point
"You can go through lawyers man," Nathan echoed. "I'm not trying to throw you under the bus, but if it has to do with my kids, I would fight hell and high water to even see them one day a month. If I have to take supervised visitation, as long as I have that one-on-one connection with my children..."

18. One Negligent Dad

One Negligent Dad
"Jace has never got one card, one gift, one phone call, nothing," Babs continued. "I just think that he thinks about Jace once and a while, he'll go on a whim and text and that's that. If this guy was an upstanding citizen, somebody I could depend on, it'd be a different story."

19. Comedic Gold

Comedic Gold
From there, Andrew attempted to explain where he's been all these years. It didn't go well.

20. Nice Try

Nice Try
Lewis started out by claiming he's been feeding the homeless in hospitals. When Dr. Drew pointed out that no hospital would allow that, Andrew changed his story.

21. Literally

"On the streets," Lewis then explained, "I would walk and if somebody was there that was homeless, I would literally give them something to eat sir."

22. Off the Sauce

Off the Sauce
Andrew also revealed that he's sober now, saying, "I don't drink anymore. I don't mess with that. I had my fun when I was young," he claimed. "I wasn't deadly addicted. I'm 33 years old. You wanna give me a drug test right now, I'll pass it with flying colors."

23. Accidental Sitcom

Accidental Sitcom
We hope it's true -- if only because we want this dude to live long enough to film his own spinoff.

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