Jenelle Evans and David Eason: Proof They're Abusing Animals AGAIN?!

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Jenelle Evans doesn't have the best track record when it comes to keeping her pets happy and healthy, you know?

It's actually kind of a whole thing.

Over the years, we've seen her treat quite a few animals badly, and it's always been difficult to see.

But after what happened with Nugget earlier this year, you'd think she'd have learned to be a bit more careful.

No such luck, as it turns out ...

1. Looking Back

Looking Back
As we said, Jenelle has never been much of an animal lover -- remember back in the day on Teen Mom 2 when she crammed her two big dogs in one crate, yelled at them, then opened the door for them to go outside and tried to get them to run away?

2. Memories

Or what about the time she tried to get her dog to play fetch with a lit firework?

3. Ugh

And then there was the the time when her dog started showing up in photos with what very much looked like a broken tail. She never seemed too concerned about that.

4. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
All of that was truly awful, but it was nothing when compared to what David did to Nugget.

5. Poor Pup

Poor Pup
Nugget was Jenelle's little French bulldog, and she appeared to be especially attached to it. But when the dog nipped at Ensley, David thought that instead of trying to train the dog or teach his kids how to interact with animals, he'd just take the dog outside and shoot it.

6. A Mystery

A Mystery
Some reports claimed that he beat the dog before killing it, others claimed that when he came back inside afterwards, he was covered in blood. Even if none of that was true, the fact remains that he killed the poor little dog, and that clearly was not OK.

7. Trouble

Police opened an investigation, and they alerted CPS of what was going on and advised them that perhaps kids shouldn't be in that environment.

8. Removal

Nathan was told to pick Kaiser up from preschool, Maryssa went to stay with her grandmother, and Barbara ended up with Ensley -- she was also told to stop Jace's visits with Jenelle.

9. Not So Much

Not So Much
It really seemed like they'd be facing some consequences, but after weeks of court, a judge ordered that the kids be returned to Jenelle and David's care pretty much immediately.

10. Ugh Again

Ugh Again
A few weeks after that, the police investigationw was also closed.

11. Gross

After that, Jenelle and David must have felt safe enough to talk about everything and try to spin it to make themselves look better -- that's how we got the interview with David crying about how he regretted killing Nugget and Jenelle claiming that it wasn't a big deal because shooting dogs is just what happens out in the country.

12. Hooray

And a little while after that, they got comfortable enoughto just go all the way back to normal.

13. More Dogs

More Dogs
They got two puppies -- yes, really, they thought that was a good idea.

14. Sigh

More recently Jenelle has been sharing videos of a kitten, so it looks like that's a new addition, too.

15. The Homestead

The Homestead
And of course they still have all their farm animals, you remember.

16. Buckle Up ...

Buckle Up ...
And those poor farm animals are what we're going to be talking about today.

17. A Goose!

A Goose!
Back when they first started trying the homesteading thing, they got some geese -- here's a picture of what one of them looked then (Jenelle posted this picture at the end of March).

18. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
Do you want to see what the geese look like now?

19. Wow

It's ... not great, right?

20. Ouch

David did a video for Instagram Live of his new gig making knives or whatever, and a couple of geese were hanging around, so he put them in the video. And it's obvious that something isn't right with their beaks.

21. For Comparison ...

For Comparison ...
Again, this is what the geese looked like when Jenelle got them in March. Scroll up, then scroll back down, compare the before and afters ... it looks really bad.

22. Hmmm

Your friends here at The Hollywood Gossip aren't goose experts, but we are pretty OK at Google, and it looks like the poor goose could be suffering from a few different things.

23. Oh, Goose ...

Oh, Goose ...
It looks like both malnutrition and infection can cause a goose's beak to get discolored like this, and they can both also cause beaks to appear chipped, which is definitely what's happening to this Eason goose. Either way, both of those would seem to mean they're not taking care of their animals properly.

24. Oh No

Oh No
But since the geese seem to hang out right next to the place where David does his metalworking, there's a chance they could have gotten burned, too.

25. Real Talk

Real Talk
Honestly, any way you look at this isn't great.

26. If Only

If Only
You would think that after everything that happened with the kids and with the animal cruelty investigation that they'd be a little more careful, right?

27. The Dream

The Dream
If not by actually caring for their animals, then by not showing off how poorly the animals are doing on social media.

28. Sad But True

Sad But True
Unfortunately, that's probably way too much to ask for from these people.

29. Here's Hoping!

Here's Hoping!
In a perfect world ... well, in a truly perfect world, none of this would be happening, but it would be nice if perhaps Jenelle could realize that something is wrong here and maybe get a vet involved.

30. More Like It

More Like It
But over here in reality, let's just hope that the poor little goose isn't suffering.

31. So, So Wrong

So, So Wrong
Can these two be banned from owning animals yet?

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