Catelynn Lowell FINALLY Tells All: Is She Really Pregnant?! [UPDATED]

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Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell has had some very eventful pregnancies, going back to her days on 16 & Pregnant.

It's sort of the thing that happens when you get famous and base your entire livelihood on getting pregnant at, well, 16.

But for the past couple of weeks, there has been a swirl of rumors about a new pregnancy. Yes, another. A fourth one.

And although it seems unlikely, the rumors simply will not quit. Thankfully, Catelynn has released an official statement.

In lt, the wife of Tyler Baltierra explains everything, and you may be more than a bit surprised about what she has to say ...

1. So Many!

So Many!
Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra have had three children together - Carly, who was given up for adoption, followed by Nova and Vaeda. All girls. And yes, that little detail is going to be important later.

2. Carly

The one that started it all, and put Catelynn and Tyler on the map due to the emotional nature of their story on MTV. Back when they were teenagers, they had Carly, the daughter they placed for adoption.

3. Nova

Several years later, they welcomed Nova.

4. Vaeda

And just earlier this year, sweet little Vaeda was born.

5. One Happy Family

One Happy Family
So they've got a darling little family, right? They see Carly occasionally, and they're raising Nova and Vaeda. From what we've seen, it seems like they're super pleased with life at the moment.

6. Except ...

Except ...
They still really, really want a son though.

7. Weird

After Nova was born, Tyler said “When I found out I was having a girl, and not a boy, my first thought was, ‘Damnit.’ I really wanted a boy so bad."

8. Yikes

And when we saw the gender reveal for Vaeda on Teen Mom OG, Tyler was visibly upset at the discovery that they'd be having another girl.

9. More Babies!

More Babies!
While Catelynn wasn't so obvious about it, she shared his desire for a son -- just before Vaeda was born, she said “Tyler and I both want a boy, so we’re definitely gonna try again. I think we’re just gonna go right for No. 4 right after this one’s born."

10. The Clock is Ticking

The Clock is Ticking
The idea for them has always been to be done having kids by the time they're 30, and they'll both be 28 next year, so there's really not too much time left to go for a boy.

11. Well

But, as Catelynn recently revealed on Instagram, they're getting after it. Cue the Marvin Gaye music. Or whatever it is that helps you conceive a boy. Wait, what?

12. Oh OK

Earlier this week, she posted a meme on Instagram that read "If I get pregnant again and pink confetti comes out of my gender reveal balloon, I'm knocking the whole food table over! Party over everybody go home."

13. What a Team

What a Team
For the caption, she simply added "Yep," along with some laughing emojis. Curious to say the least.

14. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
It was a curious thing to post, to say the least, especially when you consider another thing that happened on Instagram just days earlier.

15. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
In the comments of a post about Vaeda, Tyler told Catelynn that “We make such cute babies babe!” She responded with “Yeah we do!!!! Wanna make another."

16. Putting It All Together

Putting It All Together
Can you see what we're getting at here? Catelynn and Tyler have both been talking about how desperately they want a son for years now, and Cate's been doing quite a bit of baby talk over on Instagram ...

17. Naturally

So of COURSE the pregnancy rumors have been going in full force. This is Teen Mom Nation we're talking about here. What other option is there?

18. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
For the past few days, certain Teen Mom cast members have been sharing tons of those fun little clickbaity articles suggesting that she's pregnant, which has been leading fans of the show to speculate that she's pregnant.

19. Yep

It all makes sense, right? She's having another baby, that's why all this boy talk is coming back up. It's almost too perfect.

20. But Wait

But Wait
Unfortunately, according to a brand new statement from Catelynn, it just isn't so. At least not yet.

21. There It Is

There It Is
“I am not pregnant and we are using birth control," she told celebrity gossip publication Us Weekly.

22. Sounds Good

“But when we do decide to have another child, we are hoping for a boy. If we are meant to have all girls, then that’s just fine too!”

23. Hopes Dashed

Hopes Dashed
So there you have it. Despite what you may have heard, despite what you may have speculated, she's not pregnant.

24. ... OR ISN'T SHE?

Or at least that's what she wants us to believe.

25. Anyway ...

Anyway ...
Really though, Catelynn and Tyler don't seem to have much trouble conceiving, so we imagine we'll be hearing a pregnancy anouncement from these two soon enough. Maybe not this month, maybe not even this year, but you know these crazy kids are going to do everything in that power to get that boy of theirs.

26. Enough on Their Plate

Enough on Their Plate
And we don't think there's any risk of the Baltierras getting bored in the meantime. After all, they still have plenty of parental responsibilities to grapple with.

27. Always Something

Always Something
Just this week, for example, Cate dealt with a minor crisis when little Nova lost her stuffed horse, Clover.

28. Crisis Averted

Crisis Averted
Fortunately, Cate was able to locate a replacement pony while Nova was still in the early stages of the grieving process. The things a mother won't do for her children!

29. Growing Pains

Growing Pains
And then there's Vaeda, who's growing up faster than we can comprehend. At this rate, she'll be driving before the year is out.

30. Ready For Anything

Ready For Anything
We're sure when the time is right, Cate and Tyler will welcome another bundle of joy with open arms ... and we're hoping for a boy, just because that would make them so happy. But come on, yet another girl would be amazing too.

31. Full House

Full House
We don't blame if they're not in any hurry, but we can't wait!

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