Jenelle Evans and David Eason Reunited with Children: What's HAPPENING?!

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason are currently living their lives child-free, despite having five children between them.

And that's because they are terrible people unfit to care for a plant, let alone a gaggle of kids.

But still, even though they're currently only allowed to see the kids in visits supervised by CPS workers, they were able to spend yesterday with Kaiser, Ensley, and Jace.

Could it be possible that they're about to get custody back already?!

1. Let's Get Started

Let's Get Started
Jenelle and David are not good parents. And that's not just our opinion -- it's also the state of North Carolina's opinion.

2. Recap Time!

Recap Time!
Jenelle and David lost custody of all of their children -- temporarily anyway -- after David murdered the family dog.

3. Interesting

There's some speculation that it's because of more than just the dog stuff. Although it's certainly terrible enough all by itself, many people believe that police uncovered more evidence that the home was unsafe for the kids and we haven't heard about it in an attempt to protect the children's privacy.

4. Facts

Either way, police determined that Jenelle and David aren't providing a good, safe home for their children, and so now Maryssa is staying with her mother and her grandmother, Kaiser is with his father, Nathan Griffith, and Ensley is with big brother Jace at Barbara's house.

5. Good

And that's where they'll stay until Jenelle and David prove to their judge that they've changed their ways and can take on the immense responsibility of child rearing, which, even if things go swimmingly, will take several months at least.

6. Naturally

And if you've been keeping up with this story, you'll know that "swimmingly" is no way to describe how things have been playing out.

7. Taking Care of Business (Or Not)

Taking Care of Business (Or Not)
For one, even though David and Jenelle only have supervised visits once a week with the kids, they've already missed a few.

8. Be Free, Maryssa

Be Free, Maryssa
For two, they've reportedly informed everyone involved in the case that they're no longer interested in regaining custody of Maryssa after she refused to speak to David during visits, and that just looks horrible, right?

9. Mother-Daughter Time

Mother-Daughter Time
For three, Jenelle fought with Barbara right outside the courthouse a couple of weeks ago -- she held Ensley and wouldn't let Barbara leave with her, and told her that if she had a problem with it she could go get an officer to forcibly remove the kid from her arms.

10. Ugh, David

Ugh, David
For four, David flipped Nathan off on camera after a court date, and he also threatened to spill some of his family secrets -- isn't intimidating a witness some sort of crime?

11. Where Does It End?!

Where Does It End?!
For five ... look, it's just not going well, OK? They barely seem to care that they don't have custody of their children, and honestly, that might be for the best.

12. Wait, What?

Wait, What?

13. Aww, Yay!

Aww, Yay!
So, OK, today is Kaiser's 5th birthday -- happy birthday, Kaiser!

14. Party Time!

Party Time!
Nathan and his girlfriend, Ashley, threw a party for him yesterday, and you know who showed up?

15. Quality Time

Quality Time
Jenelle and David, that's who!

16. Almost Everybody!

Almost Everybody!
Barbara came with Jace and Ensley too, so the family was almost all the way back together -- Maryssa, of course, was absent.

17. Cake Time!

Cake Time!
Jenelle shared these photos of everyone getting along.

18. Wow

And, oddly enough, it looks like everyone really did get along!

19. Guys!

Barbara was shocked enough at the situation to share this photo. In her caption, she wrote "Omg Nathan on left David on right today at Kaiser's Birthday Party. Finally all getting along."

20. Of Course

Of Course
But not everyone was as impressed to see Jenelle and David at the party, and those people let their opinions be known.

21. Fair

Jenelle caught a ton of hate on her Instagram post -- one person told her "A mother gives up everything for her children .... you give up NOTHING."

22. Also Fair

Also Fair
Someone else said "That man shouldn’t b around those kids!!!"

23. Well ...

Well ...
In her caption, Jenelle wrote that Kaiser would always be her baby, and one commenter played off that with "That's right,hes your baby witch should come before any man, when it comes down to losing your kids."

24. Oh Dang

Oh Dang
Someone else told her "He's not a mommas boy!! Everyone can see he loves his Daddy more!! Get over yourself!!"

25. So Much Outrage

So Much Outrage
People were upset at the idea of Jenelle and David being at Kaiser's party for so, so many reasons. The outrage was so strong that Nathan took to Twitter to explain everything.

26. A Good Dad?

A Good Dad?
"My children will always come first regardless of my own personal feelings," he wrote. "I will always want the best for my children. Happy Birthday Kaiser and I’m so glad you could spend it with FAMILY and friends!"

27. Playing by the Rules

Playing by the Rules
As for how the idea came about, he said "Actually... Ash and I were talking about Kaiser’s birthday and Ashley suggest that it would be nice to invite them. I brought up the proposition to my lawyer and he said 'YES!' At the end of court the lawyers got together and agree to the idea."

28. So Professional

So Professional
As for David specifically, Nathan assured everyone that "David constructed himself very fprofessional. Honestly, this whole birthday party was simple but absolutely a wonderful experience."

29. Making It Work

Making It Work
"What is he going to do with 8 adults there and 10 children? Besides, I want to promote a path that brings positivity to everyone. Vengeance is the the Lord’s, not mine," he added.

30. Well Said

Well Said
Ashley, his girlfriend, tweeted about the controversy over the party as well -- she wrote "It’s sad to see people’s hatred for someone is clouding their judgement for a child’s happiness."

31. What a Roller Coaster

What a Roller Coaster
It's good to see that Nathan is so committed to doing what he thinks is best for Kaiser. Here's hoping he takes good care of him for a long, long time.

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