Jenelle Evans is Back Together With David Eason. Here's the Proof.

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We suppose she deserves credit for standing her ground for a few months.

When Jenelle Evans left David Eason back in October, fans were hopeful that this would be the start of a new phase in Evans' life and career.

Wishful thinking, perhaps. But it seemed like there was a real chance.

After all, David seemed to inspire some of her most abhorrent behavior, and he was largely responsibly for the end of her MTV career.

With Eason out of the picture, both Jenelle and her fans hoped that she would experience a turnaround on the road to redemption.

Sadly, just three months after she announced her separation, it seems we have evidence that Jenelle has returned to her abusive ex.

And those reports of Jenelle returning to television?

Well, it seems that the mercurial Carolina Hurricane is still in the habit of misleading her supporters and telling outright lies to the public.

Sadly, we can't say we're surprised at this point.

Take a look at the real story behind what's going on with her these days, courtesy of The Ashley's Reality Roundup and other reports:

1. Reunited

Sadly, it seems that Teen Mom 2's terrible twosome Jenelle Evans and David Eason are officially back together. No announcement has been made by the pair themselves (and if there were such an announcement, it's unclear who would believe anything they say), but a growing mountain of evidence points to a reconciliation.

2. She Has So Much Practice ...

She Has So Much Practice ...
Though the offers are rapidly drying up, Jenelle Evans still gets the occasional social sponsorship deal from people who are apparently desperate enough to pay Jenelle Evans to promote them. Her latest is for some company caled BrushX.

3. ... And Yet She Still Sucks at Lying

... And Yet She Still Sucks at Lying
In her Instagram Story promoting whatever the hell kind of product BrushX sells, Jenelle can clearly be ween wearing a wedding ring. She removed the symbolic bling shortly after parting ways with David, and this is the first time she's been seen wearing it since.

4. Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg
If that were the only evidence in play here, we might not be so quick to say that Jenelle is 100 percent back together with David. But as you may have guessed, this is not the extent of it whatsoever.

5. Who Knows?

Who Knows?
She could've put the ring back on because simply because she was feeling sentimental ... and then accidentally left it on while she filmed a video for her millions of followers. Hey, we're trying to give her the benefit of the doubt here!

6. Back to Her Old Ways

Back to Her Old Ways
But one of the Internet's best celebrity gossip websites, The Ashley's Reality Roundup, has unconvered a mountain of evidence indicating that Evans is lying about three important aspects of her current life.

7. Forever Shady

Forever Shady
Despite claims to the contrary, Jenelle is back together with David, she's not returning to TV anytime soon, and she's not getting along with her mother, Barbara Evans. Here's the proof.

8. The Comeback Kid

First, let's address Jenelle's supposed career comeback. You may recall this video, in which she informed fans that she had “been in talks with certain people here or there” about the possibility of returning to Teen Mom 2 or launching her own show.

9. Backpedaling Hard

Backpedaling Hard
Earlier this month, Jenelle amended that statement and revealed that she was looking forward to the termination of her contract with MTV so that she would be free to reach a deal with a different network.

10. Free at Last

Free at Last
“Once April comes around, I can start talking to other networks, thank God!” the 28-year-old mother of three told E! News at the time.

11. Yeah ... No

Yeah ... No
The Ashley confirms that non-compete clause in Jenelle's contract with MTV parent company Viacom does indeed expire in April, one year after she was let go from Teen Mom 2. But that doesn't mean she'll be heading to work elsewhere.

12. What a Shocker

What a Shocker
Just because she's legally allowed to pursue other opportunities doesn't mean other opportunities are presenting themselves automatically. Why would they? The Ashley's insider informs her that there are “no other opportunities on the table for Jenelle right now at all.”

13. Time to Apply For Benefits!

Time to Apply For Benefits!
“No networks have expressed interest in working with Jenelle because they know that she is toxic to any show she appears on, with or without David at this point,” the celeb gossip site's source adds.

14. Smart Move

Smart Move
It seems that MTV very briefly considered giving Evans - without a doubt a ratings draw - a second chance after she left David, but executives there were quick to change their minds.

15. Sometimes, There's Justice In the World

Sometimes, There's Justice In the World
“That’s not happening anymore. They do not want her back whatsoever,” the source says of MTV's decision to stick to its Jenelle-free work policy.

16. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Part of the problem, of course, is that MTV was only interested in single Jenelle and these days, she is 100 percent back with David.

17. These Two

These Two
“They are together and actually have been for about a month now,” The Ashley's insider confirms.

18. Faking It?

Faking It?
From the beginning, it was widely rumored that Jenelle and David had faked the whole separation thing so that she could get her job back. But the source says that's not the case.

19. The Real Deal

The Real Deal
“The split was real but didn’t last long,” the source adds. “They have been in constant contact lately and are back together, but Jenelle doesn’t want to admit it yet.”

20. Nashville Gal

Nashville Gal
So where will David and Jenelle make their home? Well, Evans recently claimed that her decision to relocate to Nashville “was the healthiest decision I’ve ever made whether it was worth it or not." She added, "This time has given me a lot to put into perspective about my family and living my life.”

21. Heading Home

Heading Home
But The Ashley's source says that the Gruesome Twosome will be in familiar surroundings soon enough. She has no choice but to move back to North Carolina and "The Land" she once shared with David.

22. Two Broke Jerks

Two Broke Jerks
“She is broke and scrambling for money,” the insider claims. “Both [her and David] are broke. Jenelle is unable to continue to pay the rent of her Tennessee apartment. She will deny that she’s broke but she’s barely getting by right now.”

23. The Babs Factor

The Babs Factor
As for Jenelle's famously tumultuous relationship with her mother - Jace's guardian and grandmother - Barbara Evans? Well, Jenelle says it's all good these days.

24. Another Reconciliation

Another Reconciliation
“It’s the same way; it’s on and off everyday,” Jenelle said in her YouTube video. “She can have a good day, she can have a bad day. She’ll bring up a bad topic that I don’t want to talk about and wants to argue in. It all depends on her mood that day.”

25. Good Call

Good Call
But The Ashley's source says Jenelle is kind of totally lying about that, too. Barbara has reportedly cut ties with Jenelle as a result of her decision to get back together with David.

26. Feeling Dumb

Feeling Dumb
“Barbara and Nathan [Griffith] and [Nathan’s mother] Doris put everything aside [in November] to help Jenelle leave David, and now they all feel betrayed and dumb for helping Jenelle,” the insider reports.

27. She'll Do That to Ya

She'll Do That to Ya
We suppose we're not surprised, and perhaps the people closest to her shouldn't be either. Jenelle has made a lot of people feel dumb over the years. But now, it seems no one is looking more foolish than her unemployed ass.

28. Karma, Folks

Karma, Folks
As for that endorsement deal with BrushX? The company reportedly pulled its sponsorship when it learned of Jenelle's past (which somehow they did not know about before signing her ... have they not heard of Google). These are about to be tough times on The Land!

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