Amber Portwood Returns to Instagram Live, Swears She Isn't a Sociopath

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The last time we heard Amber Portwood's voice, she was threatening to straight up murder Andrew Glennon.

Just over a month ago, multiple videos recorded by Glennon hit the Internet, creating quite an uproar because they seemed to depict Portwood as a violent, malicious, dangerous mental case who had no respect at all for her boyfriend or, really, for her young son, either.

Seriously, these videos are disturbing.

Amber said nothing at all about them in the weeks since they went viral, but she did then return to Instagram Live around 4:30 a.m. Indianapolis time on Friday, October 11.

She touched on MANY subjects in the process.

Scroll down for a rundown of her session:

1. Did Portwood Just Go Off on Andrew Here?

Did Portwood Just Go Off on Andrew Here?
Not really, either. She was rather subdued, perhaps because her lawyers have told the reality star that she simply has to lay low and can't risk further legal repercussions by feuding with Glennon in public.

2. When Had We Last Heard from Amber?

When Had We Last Heard from Amber?
On September 2, she posted a photo of son James and wrote as a caption: "Love you and see you soon little bubba."

3. Is She Allowed to See James These Days?

Is She Allowed to See James These Days?
Yes, under the supervision of a court-appointed adult. We do not know the last time Amber spent time with her son, however.

4. As a Refresher:

As a Refresher:
She was arrested on July 5 for allegedly attacking Glennon after a domestic dispute turned physical. She has admitted to throwing a shoe at him, but denied charges of using a machete to try and break down the bathroom door behind which he was hiding with James.

5. Since Then?

Since Then?
Glennon has defended himself as a boyfriend and a father and tried to make it clear to everyone just how unstable Amber has been for a very long time now. Portwood, meanwhile, hasn't said a whole lot as she awaits her next court hearing.

6. Let's Cue Up the Instagram Live in That Case!

Let's Cue Up the Instagram Live in That Case!
“I’m laying low, guys, until I’m able to speak. I’m laying low,” Amber said early in this session, before talking about how hard it’s been to stay off social media, per the orders of her legal team.

7. She Missed You All!

She Missed You All!
“It’s been really crazy to go through my DMs lately because of all the negativity; however, I just kind of stopped doing that," she explained. "But I’ll be back in my DMs and on here talking to you guys soon, helping out with things. That’s the number one thing I love to do. I’ve definitely found peace, staying strong….I’m doing OK. I’m OK, day by day…It’s been crazy not talking to any of you guys."

8. Amber Apparently Has Support

Amber Apparently Has Support
“You guys know how much I appreciate all the support, especially through such hard times,” Portwood told her fans. “It’s been crazy, it’s been a crazy life for the last couple months.”

9. Ready for a Whole New Me?!?

Ready for a Whole New Me?!?
“I think I’m more empowered at the moment to move forward in my life and honestly show the world a whole different side of things, that will hopefully happen…” Amber continued. “I won’t listen to the haters, don’t worry. People do judge what they don’t understand and that is OK.”

10. I Am So Far From Perfect, Okay?!?

I Am So Far From Perfect, Okay?!?
“Yes I have [said all this before] 10 years ago,” she confessed. “Like I said, people make mistakes. It’s OK. It’s called life."

11. Amber as a ... Role Model?

Amber as a ... Role Model?
“You guys know that everybody in life goes through ups and downs and we honestly just have to learn from everything that we do and move forward…and I think understanding is a great thing for a lot of people to learn,” Amber said, trying to sound all profound.

12. Does She Have More Story to Tell?

Does She Have More Story to Tell?
"I’ll have my day to explain a little bit more. I don’t really know if I want to, I feel like some things are already explained.”

13. Is She Just Totally Nuts?

Is She Just Totally Nuts?
A lot of followers were interested in Amber's mental state, which is understandable, given the circumstances.

14. No, Really, Is She Insane?

No, Really, Is She Insane?
“No I have not been diagnosed with that, I promise!” Amber said when asked if she was a "sociopathic psycho," adding: “It’s been 10 years going to a psychiatrist, about 10 to 15 different psychiatrists and I’ve never been told I’m a sociopath.”

15. Okay. What HAS She Been Diagnosed With?

Okay. What HAS She Been Diagnosed With?
Bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, Amber confirmed, explaining that there's no real "cure" for these ailments.

16. Why Does She Have Such Crappy Taste in Men?!?

Why Does She Have Such Crappy Taste in Men?!?
"Honestly, I think that there are really great mean out there that I do attract, I’m just a sucker for love, y’all,” she said. “I don’t know. I think I jump into relationships very fast is what I think... I don’t fully look at the pictures of the situation of why I’m in that relationship until it’s, I guess, too late..I will never stop loving.”

17. Some of These Dudes Have Been Bad Influences, Though

Some of These Dudes Have Been Bad Influences, Though
“I think certain kinds of people bring out the worst in you, not just in relationships," she did add.

18. Amber Did Actually Attack Andrew, Though, Right?

Amber Did Actually Attack Andrew, Though, Right?
“Behavior is a choice. Absolutely, behavior is a choice, but mental health is not a choice,” she tried to explain when pressed on taking responsibilty for her actions. “There’s never excuses necessarily, but just understand you might be uneducated on certain things.”

19. About Those Horrific Tapes?

About Those Horrific Tapes?
“One day I’ll be able to speak on certain things that have been brought to your guys’ attention…It doesn’t mean everything that I do I’m proud of," she said, presumably of all that leaked, damning audio. "However, it does mean that we have choices to move forward, so that’s good."

20. When Might We Hear from Amber Again?

When Might We Hear from Amber Again?
It's unclear. “I love you guys. I will probably not be talking to you soon but I wanted to let you guys know that I am OK,” she said as a sign-off.

21. Remember, Though:

Remember, Though:
"But he who endures to the end shall be saved...." wrote Amber as a caption to this image on Instagram, hours after her Live discussion. Profound stuff.

22. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
Andrew has not yet responded to Amber's unexpected return to social media ... which is probably a smart move on his part.

23. Holding Court

Holding Court
In the months since Amber's arrest, Andrew has frequently posted candid remarks about his situation and the abuse he suffered at Portwood's hands.

24. Winning

Currently, Andrew is making strides in the court of public opinion, as well as in actual court. He has sole custody of James, and Teen Mom OG fans have been turning against Amber in droves.

25. The Picture of Instability

The Picture of Instability
Portwood's attorneys reportedly advised her to stay off of social media, and they did so for a reason. She has a long history of unleashing unhiunged tirades that make her come off as a little less than sane.

26. Playing the Long Con

Playing the Long Con
By remaining silent, Glennon is probably hoping to give Amber enough rope to hang herself, metaphorically speaking. And the more she posts, the more she's likely to hurt her own chances of regaining custody.

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