Javi Marroquin BEGS Lauren Comeau For Forgiveness as She Tears Him a New One on Instagram! [UPDATED]

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By now, you've probably caught wind of the latest development in the always-tumultuous life of Javi Marroquin.

In case you missed the fireworks, here's a brief refresher:

Basically, Javi was caught cheating on Lauren Comeau in the most appalling way possible.

Lauren didn't need to do a lot of detective work, as Javi thought it would be a good idea to hook up with some rando while she was asleep upstairs.


Now, Lauren and Javi are BOTH speaking out on the matter for the first time.

And it doesn't look like these two will be getting back together anytime soon.

Take a look:

1. Better Days

Better Days
It wasn't all that long ago that Javi and Lauren were the picture of domestic bliss. But Marroruin went and blew it all up with one VERY bad decision.

2. Bad News Javi

Bad News Javi
As you may know, Javi doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to fidelity. He swore things would be different with Lauren, but he wasn't able to keep it in his pants for long.

3. Making an Effort

Making an Effort
To his credit, it seems like Javi really tried this time. He put a ring on it; he bought a house; he tried to settle into the suburban dad role ... but he just couldn't hack it.

4. A Weird Situation

On Saturday, August 17, Javi called the cops and asked to have his sister removed from his house.

5. Intervention

It turns out Lidia Marroquin was hoping to remove Javi's infant son from the house after an intense fight broke out between Javi and Lauren.

6. The Cause

The Cause
And what sparked the explosive altercation? Well, it seems Javi massively disrespected Lauren in her own home.

7. Gym, Tan, Tawdry

Gym, Tan, Tawdry
According to eye witness accounts from the night in question, Javi was hosting a party that was mostly attended by customers of the Crossfit gym he owns in Dover.

8. He Really Went There

He Really Went There
At one point, Lauren got tired and headed for bed. It was then that Javi disappeared to a guest bedroom with a single mom.

9. What a Scene

What a Scene
It's unclear how far Javi got with his cheating partner, but insiders say the woman was fully nude when Lauren caught him in the act.

10. All Falls Down

All Falls Down
The incident came just weeks after Javi popped the question, and days after he and Lauren returned from a romantic getaway in Mexico.

11. Over and Out

Over and Out
Not surprisingly, Javi and Lauren have ended their engagement, and they've reportedly had very limited contact in the past 9 days.

12. Making It Right

Making It Right
Now, Javi is reaching out to Lauren through social media and attempting to win her back.

13. A Public Plea

A Public Plea
Javi reached out to Lauren publicly, but it's unclear if he did so because that's the only way he can communicate with her, of if it's because he wants the whole world to know how sorry he is.

14. Telling His Side

Telling His Side
In a message to Lauren that he posted to Instagram, Javi does his best to make things right.

15. Begging Forgiveness

Begging Forgiveness
"Lauren, I'm sorry for my mistakes, I'm sorry I broke your heart, I'm sorry I disrespected you. I'm sorry I took you for granted. I could say sorry for a million other things but I'm sorry will never be enough," Marroquin wrote.

16. Javi In Pain

Javi In Pain
"I hurt the one person that I love the most. I will do everything in my power to become a better man and hopefully one day you can forgive me. I'll do anything to have you home," he continued.

17. Bad Example

Bad Example
Turning his attention to his two sons, Javi wrote, "To my boys, my big dawg and my handsome man, I failed you as a father and failed at my attempt to show you both what it is to be a man. I promise you both my actions will not reflect on how you will treat women, let alone the one you love. I vow, from this day forward, I will be the example."

18. A Solemn Vow?

A Solemn Vow?
"I will no longer let any of my loved ones down. I know, when you both are older...I will be able to tell my story and say look at me now," Javi concluded his note.

19. We Get It

We Get It
"I love you and I'm sorry," he captioned the Instagram post.

20. Not Having It

Not Having It
Unfortunately for Javi, it seems his plea for forgiveness might be too little, too late.

21. Lauren and Eli

Lauren and Eli
Lauren posted this photo of herself with her 9-month-old son Eli. Many are interpreting the caption as major shade directed at Javi.

22. Inspirational Shade

Inspirational Shade
"To be a mother of a son is one of the most important things you can do to change the world," Lauren wrote.

23. Wise Words

Wise Words
"Raise them to respect women, raise them to stand up for others, raise them to be kind," she continued.

24. Open to Interpretation

Open to Interpretation
Out of context, that quote might have just represented Lauren's thoughts on having a son.

25. Our Reading

Our Reading
But in light of recent events, it seems to be her way of assuring Javi that their son will NOT grow up to be like him.

26. Transcending the Drama

Transcending the Drama
Lauren also posted this quote, which seems to indicate that she's risen above the mess.

27. Be Afraid, Javi

Be Afraid, Javi
When Lauren was still angry, Javi might have had a chance of winning her back. Now that she's just over the whole situation, he almost certainly screwed.

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