Jason Tartick: Should He Be the Next Bachelor?

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Right now, Jason Tartick is dealing with some bad news.

Before even receiving an invite into her Fantasy Suite, the third-place finisher on Season 14 of The Bachelorette was sent packing by Becca Kufrin.

Ouch, we know.

But we therefore have some great news for Jason Tartick:

He's in line to be the next Bachelor!

Even before getting dissed and dismissed in this manner by Becca, Jason had established himself as a fan favorite.

Does this mean he'll be ABC's next Bachelor and finally have control over his own romantic destiny? We really hope so.

Learn more about Jason and why he should be selected for this role by Chris Harrison and company below...

1. The Poor Guy

The Poor Guy
Nice, funny, easy going, candid. Jason appeared to have it all. But Becca just couldn't picture herself marrying him, which is why she cut him loose in Thailand before even having sex with him.

2. She Did It in a Harsh Manner, Too

She Did It in a Harsh Manner, Too
This photo basically served as a kiss goodbye, as Becca actually stepped away from a date with Jason to think about her feelings... only to return and send him home.

3. The Split Left Her Shook

The Split Left Her Shook
"He's such a good guy. I've dated terrible people in the past, and he's such a good person," Becca cried after telling the camera she dumped Jason, even comparing it to the way Arie broke her heart on national television.

4. The Perfect Response

The Perfect Response
This is how Jason responded to his dumping: "I came into this rooting for your happiness and I will always be rooting for your happiness." Amazing, right?

5. Cue the Support!

Cue the Support!
Within nanoseconds of this all going down, fans were on social media, praying that ABC would choose Jason as the next Bachelor.

6. And Why Not, Right?!?

And Why Not, Right?!?
It wasn't just that Jason took his heartbreak so well and so maturely. The 29-year old has been among our favorites from the moment we met him.

7. For What Reason?

For What Reason?
Sheesh, where to even start?!? The guy is an open book. Consider his vulnerable quote to Entertainment Tonight when asked for his reaction upon being dumped: "I have a suite full of all the food and drink I want… and it was one of the most empty moments in my life, because I didn’t have my friends, I didn’t have my family, and I just lost her. So it puts it in perspective. It's not about where you are or what you have. It's really who you're with and the happiness associated with family and friends."

8. But, Wait, There's More!

But, Wait, There's More!
Jason was easily the most laid back and funny of all Becca's suitors. Remember when he could barely contain his laughter as Jordan and David acted all serious and dramatic during their showdown?

9. He's Very Giving

He's Very Giving
In an Instagram post Tartick posted on May 21 along with his TV bio portrait, he wrote: "A year ago, I participated in the @gildasclubroc bachelor charity auction to raise money for families undergoing cancer treatment. Little did I know, that being part of that incredible cause would soon lead to an opportunity joining 27 gents in a journey for the beloved @bkoof."

10. He Loves Disney Movies!

He Loves Disney Movies!
This speaks again to Jason being very honest and very chill. He's at home with himself. According to his ABC biography, Tartick is not ashamed to admit that he loves "belting out tunes from his favorite Disney movies."

11. He's Very Successful

He's Very Successful
Tartick is a banker. He serves as the vice president-senior middle market banker for Key Bank in Seattle, Washington. All that's missing from his life is a wife.

12. He Loves to Have Fun!

He Loves to Have Fun!
Just look at Jason in this picture! What a character, right?

13. Speaking of Jasons from Seattle....

Speaking of Jasons from Seattle....
... Jason Mesnick was our favorite Bachelor ever! He delivered killer ratings for the show via his dramatic decision to eventually choose Molly over Melissa AND he managed to be one of the few success stories because he's now very happily married to Molly.

14. So... Do You Agree?

So... Do You Agree?
Should Jason Tartick be the next Bachelor? Go ahead and VOTE NOW!

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