The Bachelorette Recap: Who Did Becca Bang?!?

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Becca Kufrin and her three remaining suitors jetted off to Thailand on The Bachelorette this week.

But it was the special and awkward Fantasy Suite episode, prompting viewers to ponder one simple question while watching an intense two hours play out:

Did Becca also go to Pound Town with any of her men?

Holding Her Rose

This is to say, did Becca and either Jason, Blake or Garrett take advantage of their time in the aforementioned fancy hotel room to take each other's clothes off and have sexual intercourse?

We're not being crass here.

This is truly the topic at the center of this annual Bachelorette episode.

We'll begin with Jason...

Kufrin thought she was falling hard for this suitor, only to put her date with him on hold after she mentioned their future and suddenly could no longer picture it.


Becca was torn because she simply couldn’t explain why she thought something was off. It was an unexplainable feeling, but isn't that also what love sort of is?

In the end, Becca thought her relationships with Garrett and Blake were more developed, as she admitted to herself that she just didn't see herself as Jason's wife.

Kiss in Thailand

And she admitted this to herself DURING HER DATE WITH JASON.

"He's such a good guy. I've dated terrible people in the past, and he's such a good person," Becca sobbed after telling the camera she dumped Jason without taking him for a sex-filled ride in the Suite.

"I literally just did to him what Arie did to me," she added, referring to having her heart shattered shortly after winning The Bachelor last season.

We understand Becca was upset here, but that's factually inaccurate.

Arie dumped Becca just a few weeks after proposing to her, taking ABC cameras along with him long after the show had essentially ended.

In this case, Becca simply sent a dude home with whom she was not in love... something that literally happens every week on the show.

Becca as a Mess

Taken aback by Becca's sad surprise, Jason managed to maintain his composure, dropping a goodbye line that left the Internet in tears:

“I came into this rooting for your happiness and I will always be rooting for your happiness.”

Welp, we know who's gonna be the next The Bachelor now, don't we? 

Prepare to come on down, Jason Tartick!

next bach?

Ona happier note, let's move on to Blake...

He was concerned with Becca’s connection with the other guys as their date began, which would be an understandable worry if this weren't The Bachelorette.

Blake didn’t believe that Garrett or Jason could feel about Becca the way he did, but were those feelings reciprocated?!?

Kufrin understood, she even compared this anxiety to what she felt toward the end of her Bacchelor season with Arie. But she was busy thinking that Blake was almost to good to be true.

She figured Blake would propose and she fancied their "consistent" and "solid" relationship as she agreed to stay overnight in the Fantasy Suite with him.


Confess, Becca

In the morning, Becca said she was more confident in her feelings for Blake than ever, but he couldn't help but be insecure.

Finally, Becca was eager to hear Garrett tell her he loved her because she knew she loved him. She just knew it.

Instead, however, Garrett talked about his trepidation about getting engaged again and the relationship not working out.

The guy had been there before and the scars were still fresh.

So the potential couple discussed its future -- and then, after he got the courage up, Garret said the three words Becca had been dying to hear.

From there, it was off to the Fantasy Suite to turn the feeling love into the act of making love!

(Editor's Note: YEEEHAW, YOU GUYS!)

Becca concluded that she could picture her “heart’s equal” in Garrett, prompting speculation that those Bachelorette spoilers are accurate and she just banged her future husband.

Holding Her Rose

Will this really be the case, however?

Will Garrett complete his unexpected season-long story and ask for Becca's hand in marriage next week?

Or does Blake still have a shot?

What do YOU think, readers?!?

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