Grandma Accidentally Buys X-Rated Book for 6-Year Old: Read It Here!

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They say you should never judge a book by its cover.

And the following story is living, hilarious proof of that classic saying.

Earlier this week, a Twitter user with the handle “@Tiffany1985B” explained that her mother purchased a book for her six-year old granddaughter titled “If Animals Could Talk.” 

Sounds adorable, right?

As you're about to find out below, not quite...

1. Ah, Grandmas!

Ah, Grandmas!
You've gotta love them, right? This one obviously meant well here.

2. Non. Stop. Laughter.

Non. Stop. Laughter.
Thankfully, the mother had a great response and the right attitude to this misguided gift.

3. And How Can She Not?

And How Can She Not?
When this is the first page!

4. Obviously Meant for Adults

Obviously Meant for Adults
Just like the classic "Go The F*ck To Sleep," this book is hilariously diguised as a children's book, but isn't exactly appropriate for anyone under the age of 13.

5. LOL!

This is our new favorite book.

6. Hard Drugs and Harsh Language

Hard Drugs and Harsh Language
Seriously, how is this not a New York Times bestseller?

7. I'm a Weiner?

I'm a Weiner?
You're a vagina!!!!!

8. This is the Best One

This is the Best One
Wedding Crashers forever and ever, right?

9. Staring Contest

Staring Contest
Every deer is totally thinking this.

10. This is How the 6-Year Old Reacted

This is How the 6-Year Old Reacted
Wait... the mother showed her the book even after first reading it herself?!?

11. Oh, We're Impressed, Alright!

Oh, We're Impressed, Alright!
That someone came up with the idea for this book.

12. Babies Might Like It

Babies Might Like It
The photos are well done at least.

13. Don't Blame Grandma

Don't Blame Grandma
It was an impulse buy!

14. Poor Dik-Dik

Poor Dik-Dik
That really is an unfortunate name.

15. My Precious

My Precious
Yeah. Chances are that few six-year olds will get this Lord of the Rings reference.

16. Dem Hoes!

Dem Hoes!
HA! We may never stop laughing.

17. Twitter Reacts!

Twitter Reacts!
We'd never stop listening to this book.

18. Thank You, Tiffany

Thank You, Tiffany
You've made our day, too.

19. The Power of Twitter

The Power of Twitter
Sorry. But it looks like you can't go order this book online right now.

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