Girl Photoshops Beyonce Over Boyfriend in Photos

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This girl did an awesome job of Photoshopping Beyonce over her boyfriend in photos. Take a look!

1. Beyoncify My Life!

Beyoncify My Life!
When you want to get rid of your boyfriend but keep the photos of yourself, who better to paste over him than Queen Bey?

2. Beach Selfie

Beach Selfie

3. Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
Nice of Bey to stop by during the most special time of year.

4. Pucker Up

Pucker Up
If anyone deserves a kiss ...

5. Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose
A very awkward, hilariously photoshopped pose.

6. Just Two Girls Chillin'

Just Two Girls Chillin'
Hangin' out. Bras before bros!

7. Intimate Moment

Intimate Moment
These two have great chemistry.

8. All Smiles

All Smiles
You don't normally see Beyonce in men's shirts, but we'll go with it.

9. BFFs

These two go way back.

10. My Girl Bey

My Girl Bey
Who needs a man when you've got a friend like this.

11. Memories

One of those nights they'll never forget.

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