Confused Cats Against Feminism: Hear Them Roar!

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Thank you, Confused Cats Against Feminism Tumblr! These photos are amazing!

1. DON'T Work It, Girl!

DON'T Work It, Girl!
Seriously, women. Lie down and relax with us.

2. Boxed In

Boxed In
Only one thing matters in life.

3. Where's My Food?!?

Where's My Food?!?
Does this feminism thing have anything to do with food?

4. The More Cats The Better!

The More Cats The Better!
This is why we need feminists!

5. Where is the Tuna?

Where is the Tuna?
It's like no one even listens to me sometimes.

6. Down with... Feminism?

Down with... Feminism?
It's so loud and it sucks things right up and... wait. I may be confused.

7. Sock It To Em!

Sock It To Em!
Enough said.

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