Gia Giudice: Caught Up in Weird Love Triangle With Former Pageant Rival?

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Just when you thought The Real Housewives of New Jersey had run out of steam, the Giudice family says hold my beer, or whatever the popular Twitter expression is.

What we're trying to say is that the once-dormant series has been given new life as Teresa, Joe and now, their offspring generate enough drama to fuel a dozen shows.

For starters, you have Joe Giudice getting deported to Italy.

If that zaniness weren't enough for you, there's the bombshell news that Teresa is dating a much younger man (despite the fact that she's still married to Joe).

Not to be outdone, Joe and Teresa's 18-year-old college fresman daughter Gia has now entered the fray with a rumored love triangle of her own ... and it's juicy.

Real juicy. And like Kylie Jenner before her, Gia might be the one to pick up the torch and take this family media empire to new, multi-generational heights.

Take a look at the latest:

1. The Tradition Continues

The Tradition Continues
Gia Giudice is still in her teens, but the freshman at Rutgers University has found herself caught up in the midst of some very grown-up drama that's worthy of any Bravo reality series.

2. Dramatic Beyond Her Years

Dramatic Beyond Her Years
We suppose it isn't entirely surprising, given her pedigree, that young Gia has been wrapped up in the trappings of fame - for better or for worse. But we did not see this coming.

3. Her First Nick

Her First Nick
Back in 2016, Gia revealed that she was dating some dude named Nick, which is pretty much a rite of passage for young women growing up in the Garden State.

4. Gross

The only problem was, Gia was just a sophomore in high school at the time ... and Nick was a 20-year-old college student.

5. A Step In the Right Direction

A Step In the Right Direction
So fans will be pleased to learn that Gia has cut ties with her significantly-older beau. Unfortunately, her new situation isn't exactly the picture of stability.

6. The New Guy

The New Guy
Gia is rumored to be dating Frankie Catania, the classmate with whom she attended her senior prom earlier this year.

7. College Man

College Man
Frankie, the son of RHONJ cast member Dolores Catania, is currently a freshman at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut.

8. Bonus Points

Bonus Points
So Gia and Frankie come from appropriate backgrounds, and more importantly, he's age-appropriate!

9. Forced Together?

Forced Together?
Bravo execs are reportedly pushing the "Gia and Frankie are an item" narrative, and why wouldn't they? After all, these two represent the next generation of Bravolebrities.

10. Ridin' Solo

Ridin' Solo
Unfortunately for Andy Cohen and company, a new report from AllAboutTRH claims that Gia and Frankie are just friends -- and he has eyes for someone in her social circle.

11. Enter Ava

Enter Ava
“Frankie is chasing a girl named Ava Tortorici," a source tells the site. "The gorgeous brunette is currently Miss New Jersey Teen USA and is quite the stunner.”

12. Queen of Jersey

Queen of Jersey
Ava is a model and pageant queen -- and it seems she and Gia competed against one another way back in the day.

13. A Very Old Rivalry

A Very Old Rivalry
“The two competed against each other when they were 6-years-old for Miss New Jersey Princess," says the insider. "Ava won the pageant and was crowned Queen.”

14. Water Under the Bridge?

Water Under the Bridge?
Obviously, we can't be certain -- but we're guessing Ava and Gia have gotten over any animosity they may have felt toward one another when they were toddlers.

15. Friendzoned In Jersey

Friendzoned In Jersey
Unfortunately for Frankie, it seems he hasn't quite been able to win over the pageant queen.

16. Totally Platonic

Totally Platonic
“Bravo is trying to play up that Frankie is romantically involved with Gia, but that is the furthest thing from the truth," the source adds.

17. Gia's Turn?

Gia's Turn?
So the reports about Ava and Frankie being in a relationship are bogus. Does that mean he and Gia will give it a shot? Well, not necessarily ...

18. Nothing to See Here

Nothing to See Here
“Gia is just friends with Frankie. They are like family," the insider claims.

19. Back to the Drawing Board

Back to the Drawing Board
So we guess RHONJ producers will have to continue relying on the older generation for soap-worthy drama.

20. No Shortage!

No Shortage!
Fortunately, Joe and Teresa seem plenty happy to provide the fireworks!

21. The Never-Ending Story

The Never-Ending Story
In fact, if Gia has decided to stay out of the dating pool for the time being, her decision to do so might have been motivated by the ongoing insanity of her parents' legal situation.

22. Juicy Joe Gets the Boot!

Juicy Joe Gets the Boot!
After all, this time of year, most college freshmen are only stressing about their first midterms -- Gia has to worry about her newly-deported father!

23. Now With 20 Percent Less Juice!

Now With 20 Percent Less Juice!
On Instagram, Gia posted this photo of a newly-slim Joe and excitedly revealed that she'll be visiting him in "a few weeks."

24. Holiday In Venice?

Holiday In Venice?
Fans have speculated that Gia and her sisters will be visiting Joe when she gets time off from school either for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

25. An Unwelcome Guest

An Unwelcome Guest
No word yet on whether or not Teresa will be making the trip. Insiders say Bravo wants her to visit Joe with a camera crew in tow, but he has no interest in seeing her!

26. Enough

Needless to say, we think these two are providing the network with sufficient drama. No need to drag the next generation into the spotlight ... yet.

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