Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Photos: The Aftermath

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If you're like us, you're still catching your breath from the fire and fury that concluded last week's episode of Game of Thrones.

It'll be tough (some might say impossible) to match "The Spoils of War" in terms of white knuckle action or edge-of-your-seat suspense, but with just nine episodes remaining, you can be certain the show won't be wasting a single scene.

Check out the photos below for a preview of this week's installment, entitled "Eastwatch."

And as always, you can watch Game of Thrones online in order to get caught up on the War of the Five Kings.

1. Jon and Daenerys Brood

Jon and Daenerys Brood
You might think these two would be in a celebratory mood after laying waste to a Lannister-led army. But no, brooding is their game ... and they're good at it.

2. Cersei Plots Revenge

Cersei Plots Revenge
We're guessing Cersei is less than thrilled by the news that her troops got torched by a dragon. Unfortunately for Daenerys, this is a woman who lives for vengeance.

3. Varys Contemplates

Varys Contemplates
Varys considers his next move. He better make it a good one; getting fired by Daenerys would likely mean a fatal separation of his head and neck.

4. Tyrion and Varys and Wine

Tyrion and Varys and Wine
Tyrion and Varys get down to brass tacks. These two have all the job security of Trump staffers these days.

5. Sam and Gilly and Books

Sam and Gilly and Books
Looks like we'll be checking in on Sam at the Citadel again. Here's hoping we're not in for any more revolting dermatological procedures or poop montages.

6. Tyrion and Daenerys Look Concerned

Tyrion and Daenerys Look Concerned
Tyrion and Daenerys seem troubled. We're guessing they're anticipating some backlash following last week's surprise attack.

7. Jon Snow Struts

Jon Snow Struts
We're digging the whole "Jon constantly butts heads with Dany" storyline, but we're beginning to wonder: is he gonna spend the whole season stuck on Dragonstone.

8. Tyrion Amidst the Rubble

Tyrion Amidst the Rubble
Tyrion surveys the damage from last week's battle. His future as the Khaleesi's right hand man is looking less than stellar.

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