Farrah Abraham's Mom Thinks Her Daughter's Vagina Surgery Was a Bad Idea

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The Hollywood Gossip has talked about Farrah Abraham's vagina on far too many occasions.

We've had no choice, really, considering the Teen Mom OG star had surgery last year to rejuvenate this area of her body, publicizing the procedure for all to see because...

... well, we're not really sure why.

That's just how Farrah rolls.

Now, as much as we'd like to never discuss this topic again, Debra Danielsen has not given us that option.

Abraham has opened up to In Touch Weekly after her child's new vagina, discussing at length her take on Farrah's decision.

Scroll down if you really want to hear more about this...

1. That Fresh Feeling...

That Fresh Feeling...
Abraham underwent vagina rejuvenation back in August of 2017. The procedure was performed with a wand that was inserted and moved back and forth for four minutes to tighten the walls of the uterus and was considered beneficial for sex because it makes the subject less wife. It also helps with moisture and lubrication.

2. Why Did She Do This?

Why Did She Do This?
Abraham talked at length about the decision with Radar Online last October, saying that her skin was "thicker, better and stronger" and that she noticed improved "sexual satisfaction." (Clickon the above headline for more.)

3. But Who Would Have Sex with Farrah Abraham?

But Who Would Have Sex with Farrah Abraham?
It's a fair question. But not the topic we're focusing on at the moment.

4. Isn't She Only 26 Years Old?

Isn't She Only 26 Years Old?
Yes, and this is why Abraham received a lot of backlash for the procedure. On its own, vaginal rejuvenation is nothing to mock or insult someone over. Many women may really benefit from it. You just don't often see someone this young undergo such a procedure because, to be frank, how much could a 26-year old's vagina really need to be tightened?

5. Why Did She Publicize It So Much?

Why Did She Publicize It So Much?
Ah yes. Here we go. Now we're getting to the heart of the problem Farrah's mom, Debra Danielsen, says she has with her daughter's actions.

6. Says Farrah's Mom:

Says Farrah's Mom:
"This whole thing about having surgery on your labia - do you know what that does to me? I've taken a lot of women's study programs and it puts in my mind genital mutilation," she tells In Touch. And this was far from all she has to say on the subkect...

7. No Condoning What Farrah Did

No Condoning What Farrah Did
Referencing the heinous acts perpertrated against some women in countries in which they have basically no rights, she continues: "All these women have been mutilated vaginally or having things done inappropriately to their genitalia. I can't condone any of that. I understand having some vaginal rejuvenation, because there are some medical reasons for that, which run in my family."

8. Don't Get Debra Wrong...

Don't Get Debra Wrong...
... this procedure is necessary at times: "You can have prolapse issues and then you end up needing [other procedures]. I get that, and there's nothing wrong with having some procedures that will help strengthen the vaginal floor and all of that, and I'm very much for that for medical reasons."

9. But This Doesn't Apply to Her Daughter

But This Doesn't Apply to Her Daughter
The main source of contention for Debra is clearly the way her child has been bragging about her new and improved private part: "To just go and flaunt surgeries, or I guess a fashion show for the vagina, is really not appropriate."

10. Fashion Show for the Vagina

Fashion Show for the Vagina
Gross. Also, sort of: LOL! That really does sum up what Farrah has done here. We assume the term will soon be added to Urban Dictionary.

11. On the Plus Side?

On the Plus Side?
Debra actually thinks Abraham is a great mother: "Farrah's a very positive role model for Sophia because she's hard-working. She puts a very cool spin on what it is to be in pop culture and she's very good at getting the word out, having charisma, and expressing her emotions."

12. Really, Though?

Really, Though?
As we wrote about recently, Farrah got butt injections months after the vagina surgery... and had her daughter record everything! For real! You can click on the words above this photo and see what we mean. Is that great parenting?

13. Go Farrah!

Go Farrah!
In the end, Debra concludes her interview by gushing over her daughter thusly: "She doesn't stop — if someone doesn't think she can do something, she goes and does that. She's published a book, she's a New York Times bestseller. She's been a reality star for 10 years. Not a lot of people can make it on reality TV for 10 years and still be popular."

14. Here's the Thing, Though:

Here's the Thing, Though:
We can't stop asking ourselves this question: Why does Farrah need a tight vagina when we all know she prefers to have sex through the proverbial back door?

15. We're Just Sayin

We're Just Sayin
You do remember this sex tape, right?

16. You Keep Doing You, Farrah

You Keep Doing You, Farrah
Just remember you do have an impressionable young daughter. Try to at least consider how your actions will affect her going forward.

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