Farrah Abraham to Jenelle Evans: Wow Bish, Your Life SUCKS! Get it Together!

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You know things have gotten bad when even Farrah Abraham is looking at you with pity in her eyes.

Granted, Farrah is delusional, and she thinks her life is awesome, so she might look down on a lot of people who are actually doing just fine.

But when Abraham offers words of sympathy and support for Jenelle Evans, they're well-deserved.

As you've likely heard, Jenelle has filed for divorce from David Eason amid abuse allegations.

And now, it seems she's found an unlikely ally in fellow disgraced Teen Mom alum Farrah.

Of course, Farrah being Farrah, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw a little shade at her ex-rival when commenting on the situation this week.

Take a look:

1. Better Days

Better Days
It wasn't all that long ago that Farrah and Jenelle were both raking in six-figure salaries thanks to their cushy gigs at MTV. Both ladies also supplemented their income with side ventures such as sponsored content partnerships.

2. Hard Times

Hard Times
These days, however, both moms are out of work and increasingly desperate for cash. Farrah was the first to be let go, having been fired from the network back in December of 2017.

3. An Interesting Career Path

An Interesting Career Path
MTV execs justified the decision by claiming that Farrah had violated her contract by continuing to perform in adult webcam shows. But in reality, they were probably just sick of dealing with her diva nonsense.

4. The Nugget Affair

The Nugget Affair
Jenelle was next to get canned. And her termination took place under even more bizarre circumstances. The situation involved the death of a beloved pet at the hands of Evans' famously short-tempered husband.

5. Devastation

David shot and killed Jenelle's French bull dog, Nugget. The act of senseless violence led to a CPS investigation that caused her to temporarily lose custody of her children.

6. Not Great

Not Great
Jenelle helped David hide his crime from police, and she defending him in public, even claiming at one point that he was not involved with the dog's death.

7. Inevitable

Jenelle has been accused of abuse and arrested for acts of violence countless times over the years. Her defense of David had endangered her own children, as well as Teen Mom 2 crew members, and this time, MTV had had enough. Evans was next to join Farrah on the unemployment line.

8. On the Outs

On the Outs
Evans was never terribly popular with fans, and many rejoiced at the news of her dismissal. But some of Jenelle's harshest critics had a change of heart in the past few weeks, Farrah among them.

9. Voicing Her Support

Voicing Her Support
Yes, like so many others Ms. Abraham had a falling out with Jenelle. And now, like so many others, she's expressing sympathy upon learning that Jenelle has filed for a restraining order against Eason.

10. Translating Farrah-Speak

Translating Farrah-Speak
But Farrah also made comments that could be interpreted as subtle shade directed at her former rival. Basically, she applauded Jenelle for getting out of the relationship, but she also thinks Evans is wasting her time filing for a restraining order.

11. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
"I mean, the last time I saw them they were together," Farrah told reporters in LA on Thursday. "If there is abuse in those things there are helplines for women, there are many other things that is for that,"

12. "Tricky" Isn't the Word We'd Use ...

"Tricky" Isn't the Word We'd Use ...
"I think that the whole situation is tricky because when you live with someone, you have babies with them, getting restraining orders are not likely," Abraham added.

13. WTF?

So, wait ... Farrah thinks Jenelle should've just stayed put and called a "helpline"? Or does she applaud her decision to flee the relationship but think the restraining order was just a step too far?

14. The Queen of Confusion

The Queen of Confusion
We're not really sure, as Farrah went on to further explain her position, but as usual, her comments didn't actually make anything more clear.

15. Come Again?

Come Again?
"I just know that from getting restraining orders on exes ... and I don't even have babies with them. It's just relationships," Abraham said.

16. Missing the Point

Missing the Point
Yes, it seems that Farrah thinks Jenelle is wasting her time in filing for a restraining order. But what she seems to be missing is the fact that Evans did so protection, not as some sort of petty middle finger to her ex.

17. Smart Move

Smart Move
The thing is, Jenelle seems to have made all the right decisions in the weeks since she announced her split from David, and for once, we're able to back her 100 percent.

18. Taking Action

Taking Action
Jenelle told the court that she was filing against David "because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior and his large stockpile of weapons, I am scared for my life and my children's well-being."

19. Safe at Last

Safe at Last
Currently, David is not permitted to make contact with Jenelle or the former couple's 2-year-old daughter, Ensley.

20. What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds
The current restraining order is a temporary one, and at a later date, a judge will need to determine if the measures should remain in place permanently.

21. She Did the Right Thing

She Did the Right Thing
But for now, at least, Jenelle and her kids are protected from David -- so we're gonna go ahead and disagree with Farrah's assertion that filing for the order was a waste of time.

22. Two Peas In a Pod

Two Peas In a Pod
We probably don't need to tell you that Farrah and Jenelle have a LOT in common -- but the moms have struggled to get along in recent years.

23. Fightin' Words

Fightin' Words
Jenelle has referred to Farrah as a prostitute, while Farrah has called Jenelle a bad mom. We're guessing very few Teen Mom fans would disagree with either assertion.

24. He's the Worst

He's the Worst
But it seems that like so many others, Farrah dislikes David much more than she dislikes Jenelle. And so, while she may disagree with some of Evans' tactics, it appears that Abraham has reluctantly joined Team Jenelle.

25. Billion Dollar Idea!

Billion Dollar Idea!
It's anyone's guess where their relationship will lead from here, but it seems MTV execs would be missing a hell of an opportunity if they didn't rope these two into a spinoff!

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