Farrah Abraham Talks Adoption, Probation, Eating People's S--t in Gloriously Nonsensical Interview

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Admit it ... you've missed Farrah Abraham's presence on Teen Mom OG

Sure, she was obnoxious, and entitled, and emotionally abusive to the people closest to her, but Farrah delivered the goods in terms of drama.

Fortunately for us, she remains as crazy as ever.

Even more fortunately, due to her persistent thirst for attention, it's easy to keep track of her shenanigans through podcasts and social media.

And folks, the Backdoor Teen Mom is still tossing nonsensical word salads like it's her job - which we guess it sort of is these days.

Check it out:

1. Guess Who's Back

Guess Who's Back
Farrah never really went away, but in recent weeks, she's been "back" in a big way.

2. Queen of the Court

Queen of the Court
Part of the reason for her re-emergence is that Farrah is involved in multiple court battles at the moment.

3. The Fighter

The Fighter
Interestingly, Farrah is simultaneously in trouble for both getting into a fight and for backing out of a fight.

4. Backdoor Brawler

Backdoor Brawler
Farrah first ran afoul of the law when she attacked an employee at the Beverly Hills Hotel over the summer. Turns out you can't just assault people! Who knew?!

5. The No-Show

The No-Show
After that, Farrah arranged to score a big payday by agreeing to a celebrity boxing match.

6. Actual Risk? No, Thanks!

Actual Risk? No, Thanks!
Naturally, she backed out after realizing there was a good chance she would be repeatedly punched in the face.

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