Farrah Abraham: Happy (Sponsored) Birthday Sophia!

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Farrah Abraham sponsored the sh--t out of daughter Sophia's 7th birthday over the weekend, and posted it alllllllll over the internet.

"HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY I ❤ U Sophialabraham Thank you to our wonderful sponsors @beautykitchenHM IFME機能童鞋TW ‪#‎coolparents‬ @parentsforvaccinations we had a blast! Sophia has grown so much and is a beautiful young lady ‪#‎proudmom‬."

Party goers were treated to an exhibit of Sophia's recent Bound to the Crown photo shoot, and probably went home with goody bags full of pamphlets on vaccinating children (an important message, but one that probably could have been given to parents instead).

Oh, and Simon Saran was there! 

Let's take a stroll through the celebration, shall we?

1. Birthday Fun, Brought To You By Mom's Business Ideas

Birthday Fun, Brought To You By Mom's Business Ideas
"Hold the sign up high, Sophia, or we have to pay for this party ourselves."

2. Make Sure To Get The Bowling Alley's Name in the Background

Make Sure To Get The Bowling Alley's Name in the Background
"Sweetie, move a little to your right. I need to get the brand in the photo for contractual reasons."

3. These Are The Birthday Decorations

These Are The Birthday Decorations
You're welcome.

4. Smells Like Money

Smells Like Money
And flowers. But mostly money.

5. Totally Natural Pose

Totally Natural Pose
For $50, birthday guests can take home a signed copy.

6. Time To Play

Time To Play
Photo ops are over. Feel free to use the last 15 minutes of your sponsored party to play.

7. Hi Simon!

Hi Simon!
"#birthdaygirl with her crush," Farrah captioned the photo WHICH IS HUMILIATING.

8. This Feels...Forced

This Feels...Forced
Excellent cake in the background, though.

9. One More Plug

One More Plug
"Thank you www.Bubblegumfactory.com for my Birthday Jewelry @thebubblegumfactory #thebubblegumfactory." #howmanymorehashtagsdoyouneed

10. Not The Best Place To Sit

Not The Best Place To Sit
"F---ing Farrah." - Horse

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