19 Things We Hope to See on Jill & Jessa: Counting On

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With the announcement of the Duggars' return to TV, we can now put the rumors to rest: Jill & Jessa will be Counting On this March.

What can we expect? The Jill & Jessa: Counting On trailer offered some hints, but largely, the Duggars' comeback is shrouded in mystery.

Expect some strong opinions from Duggar critics and fans alike as the polarizing Arkansans make their way back into the spotlight March 15.

Here's a list of things we hope to see this spring on TLC ...

1. Zika Virus 101

Zika Virus 101
How are Jill and Derick protecting themselves from the Zika virus in El Salvador? And is she really on birth control - a Duggar family no-no if ever there were one?

2. Jinger and Lawson Bates 4-Ever?!

Jinger and Lawson Bates 4-Ever?!
We don't know if Jinger's first date with Lawson Bates has actually taken place, or if they're really courting as the rumors have implied, but we sure hope so - or that at least we can get some clarity in that regard.

3. Joy-Anna Deadlifting Her Body Weight ...

Joy-Anna Deadlifting Her Body Weight ...
Seriously. How is this not a fun B-storyline some week? Joy-Anna BEASTING IT (in a skirt, no less) and putting up 145 lbs.? Insane.

4. ... Or Horsing Around

... Or Horsing Around
This girl seems like she's really sweet and a lot of fun (i.e. the perfect conduit for rebuilding the Duggar family brand after the events of the past 12 months). We hope to get to know her better this spring!

5. Josiah and Marjorie Jackson Courting ... and Splitting Up!

Josiah and Marjorie Jackson Courting ... and Splitting Up!
A courtship ending is practically unheard of in Duggar Nation. What happened between Josiah and would-be wife Marjorie Jackson last year?!

6. The Genesis of Spurgeon

The Genesis of Spurgeon
How did Jessa and Ben Seewald settle on their son's unusual name? We hope the cameras were rolling for those discussions ...

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