Farrah Abraham Called Out By Sophia: Bish You LIE on Social Media!

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It's a sad day for one of reality TV's looniest stars, who's being called out as a liar by the very person they raised from nothing.

But enough about Michael Cohen's testimony, we're here to talk about Farrah Abraham!

Farrah's daughter Sophia turned 10 this week, and it seems her double-digit years are off to a rocky start.

Basically, she's now surpassed Farrah in terms of intellect and maturity, and it's putting a major strain on their relationship.

Fortunately, we all get to watch as Farrah's formerly loyal mini-me rebels against her for our amusement.

Take a look:

1. Happier Days

Happier Days
There was a time when Farrah and Sophia were inseparable. The elder Abraham was known to drag Sophia to red carpet events like her favorite accessory.

2. The Rift

The Rift
Unfortunately for Farrah, it seems that those days are long gone, as Sophia is apparently determined to distance herself from her mother's BS.

3. Done With the Drama

Done With the Drama
It seems that not a week goes by without Sophia getting wrapped up in one of Farrah's dumb controversies or publicity stunts.

4. Varying Degrees of Awfulness

Varying Degrees of Awfulness
Some of these scandals are truly horrendous, such as the time Farrah encouraged Sophia to lie to her best friend and tell the girl her dog had died as a "prank."

5. Still Pretty Lame

Still Pretty Lame
Others are less serious but still embarrassing, such as the recent controversy that ensued when Farrah tried to win her daughter over with a huge stack of cash from "the Tooth Fairy."

6. Somewhere In-Between

Somewhere In-Between
Sophia's latest controversy falls at about the middle of the spectrum. In other words, it's more amusing than appalling.

7. What What Happens Live

What What Happens Live
As she often does, Sophia joined Farrah on an Instagram Live session.

8. Turning the Tables

Turning the Tables
Usually, Farrah pretty much runs the show at these things, but this time, Sophia was having none of her mom's BS.

9. Call Out Culture

Call Out Culture
Commenting on Sophia's recent experiences at an acting class, Farrah remarked, "Sophia was pretending like she was shy at this acting thing and she got called out,"

10. The Clap Back

The Clap Back
Sophia was quick to shut that talk down, quipping, "You just like to lie on social media."

11. Spilling the Tea

Spilling the Tea
"And you like to gossip about me on live all the time," Sophia continued.

12. Saving Face

Saving Face
Farrah did her best to try and laugh the situation off.

13. If the Shoe Fits

If the Shoe Fits
"Oh, I'm gossiping! I'm a gossip girl!" she blurted out in a mocking tone.

14. Not Letting It Drop

Not Letting It Drop
Hilariously, Sophia refused to move on to a new topic, despite Farrah's obvious desire to do so.

15. She Speaks the Truth

She Speaks the Truth
"And she likes to embarrass me too," Sophia added.

16. Going In For the Kill

From there, Sophia busted out a fatal finishing move, adding in a sarcastic tone, "You're the best mom ever."

17. Fire With Fire

Fire With Fire
"I love my 10 year old," Farrah snapped back, also laying on the sarcasm extra thick.

18. The Future Is Bright

The Future Is Bright
It may be a minor act of rebellion, but it's a solid indication that Sophia will now be pushing back against her mother's endless barrage of BS.

19. Cause For Complaint

Cause For Complaint
Perhaps Sophia is mad that Farrah ran her children's boutique into the ground. Or maybe a decade of seriously questionable parenting is beginning to get to the girl.

20. It's On!

Whatever the case, it seems Farrah is up against her most formidable opponent to date. And we are 100 percent here for it.

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