Dwight Howard Scandal: Did He Sleep with a Teenager?

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Dwight Howard is accused of sleeping with a 16-year old. Check out these photos and texts and determine if they indict him.

1. Dwight Howard in a Hotel Room

Dwight Howard in a Hotel Room
A 16-year old named Debbie posted this photo, claiming it depicts her and a young friend with Dwight Howard in a hotel room.

2. Dwight Howard with Teenagers?

Dwight Howard with Teenagers?
Is this a photo of Dwight Howard in a hotel room with two teenage girls? The player's head is cut off.

3. Addressing Dwight Howard?

Addressing Dwight Howard?
This 16-year old clams she is addressing star Rockets center Dwight Howard in these text messages, calling him out for ignoring her after some kind of romantic outing.

4. Dwight Howard Text Messages

Dwight Howard Text Messages
This text message exchange is between two teenage girls. Once is very much implying that she slept with NBA star Dwight Howard.

5. Dwight Howard Sucks!

Dwight Howard Sucks!
This teenage girl is not a fan of Dwight Howard. She needs to get in line behind many NBA followers.

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