Ryan Edwards Threatens to Murder Taylor McKinney: Watch!

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We've known for several months that Ryan Edwards threatened to murder Maci Bookout's husband, Taylor McKinney.

But it wasn't until Monday night that Teen Mom OG viewers got to see the insanity unfold.

Ryan's threats resulted in a restraining order that prevented him from seeing his own son for a time -- and it all started because of a joke Taylor posted on Twitter.

Check out the gallery below for a full recap of one of the show's all-time most ridiculous moments:

1. Maci Is Frustrated

Maci Is Frustrated
Discussing the ongoing Ryan issue with Taylor, Maci was clearly at the end of her wits. Fortunately, that frustration inspired her to take action.

2. Taylor Tells All

Taylor Tells All
In a conversation that astonished Maci and millions of viewers alike, Taylor revealed that Ryan "threatened to put a bullet in [his] head."

3. The Offending Remark

The Offending Remark
And what did Taylor say on social media that sent Ryan into a murderous rage? Well, apparently it was a joke about Edwards' inability to wipe his own ass.

4. Taylor's Tweet

Taylor's Tweet
Referring to Ryan and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, Taylor wrote, "Well when you have 2 jobless adults, one of whom is 30 years old and still needs his ass wiped what you think the dinner convos to be?"

5. That's All It Took

That's All It Took
As you're probably aware, Ryan doesn't have the greatest reputation when it comes to emotional stability, and that very mild shade was enough to make him fly off the handle.

6. A Fateful Decision

A Fateful Decision
And so it was that Ryan made one of the worst decisions in a lifetime defined by bad decisions. And fans got to see Maci and Taylor cope with the aftermath in a very memorable scene ...

7. Taylor Breaks It Down

Taylor Breaks It Down
"Apparently, he didn’t like my tweet,” Taylor told Maci. “So he called me… in a fit of rage, screaming, losing his mind, and tells me he is going to show up here and put a bullet in my head.”

8. Decisive Action

Decisive Action
That phone call proved to have devastating consequences for Ryan. Maci and Taylor filed for a restraining order, and the judge in their case quickly identified Edwards as a threat.

9. Bentley, Repossessed

Bentley, Repossessed
The filing meant that there was a period of time during which Ryan was not permitted to see his own son.

10. The Final Straw?

The Final Straw?
It may have even contributed to MTV's decision to fire Ryan and Mackenzie from Teen Mom 2.

11. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
Of course, the restraining order and the loss of his role on TMOG were just the latest in a long line of setbacks for Ryan.

12. A Difficult Year

A Difficult Year
Ryan has been arrested three times in the past 18 months for possession and probation violations.

13. Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs
Two of those arrests occurred after Edwards had completed rehab and publicly claimed to be sober.

14. Ryan Rebuilds

Ryan Rebuilds
These days, sources say Ryan is on his way toward getting his life back in order. And while it's sure to be a long and painful process, he's already shown signs of improvement.

15. Bentley Is Back

Bentley Is Back
While Ryan is still forbidden to contact Maci or Taylor, he is once again permitted to participate in supervised visits with Bentley.

16. Something to Look Forward To

Something to Look Forward To
Currently, Mackenzie is pregnant with Ryan's baby. The boy -- who will reportedly be named Jagger -- is due sometime in October.

17. An Ongoing Saga

An Ongoing Saga
Of course, fans will have to follow Ryan and Mackenzie's story on social media now, as their time on Teen Mom OG has come to a close.

18. A Troubled Relationship

A Troubled Relationship
As for Ryan and Maci, they're not exactly getting along, but they've managed to put the needs of their son first.

19. An Underdog Story

An Underdog Story
Ryan's problems might be mostly self-created, but we're still rooting for him to turn things around. We wish him and Mackenzie all the best, as they prepare to expand their family.

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