The Duggar Family Is Worth a TON of Money ... And Here's How They Earned It

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It should come as no surprise that the Duggar family is worth a lot of money.

But what many fans may not realize is that not all of the Duggar fortune comes from their reality TV empire.

After all, television audiences are fickle, and future success can be hard to predict.

Jim Bob is well aware of this, and since it's part of his belief system that God favors the wealthy, the Duggar patriarch is doing everything he can to stay in his creator's good graces by keeping his pockets fat -- by whatever means necessary:

1. The Counting On Clan

The Counting On Clan
The Duggars' reality show remains a popular fixture on the TLC schedule.

2. Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future
But those profits need to be divided many different ways, and the family has been in the business long enough to know current success is no guarantee of future success.

3. Living Large

Living Large
The Duggars certainly aren't struggling. Despite having many, many mouths to feed, Jim Bob and Michelle own several properties in Arkansas, including the 7,000-foot "compound" in which they reside.

4. The Plane Truth

The Plane Truth
The Duggars have also purchased two private aircraft. JB and Michelle's son John David is a licensed pilot.

5. Jim Bob Moneybags

Jim Bob Moneybags
All told, Jim Bob is estimated to be worth roughly $3.5 million.

6. Always Hustling

Always Hustling
A sizable chunk of change, but when you consider the size of his brood (now up to 20 with recent adoptee Tyler), it's easy to see why the pious patriarch isn't resting easy ...

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