Donald Trump: Thousands of People Expressing Regret Over Voting for Him!

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Donald Trump has been president for such nearly two years now, but it didn't take nearly that long for people to start hating him.

Tons and tons of people hated him before he ever even thought about running for president, but others weren't so great with that timing.

And many of those unfortunate souls took to Twitter just days after his inauguration to express the deep, painful regret they felt over voting for this jackass.

It hurt then, it hurts now, and we're pretty sure it's going to hurt forever.

1. "A Small Minded Petulant Baby"

"A Small Minded Petulant Baby"
May be time to work on your perception skills, bud.

2. "You're Out of Control"

"You're Out of Control"
... Because before he became president, he was the very picture of self control?

3. "Obama Had Me Covered"

"Obama Had Me Covered"
Next time, it might be a good idea to do a little research for the jackass you're voting for, huh, Glenda?

4. "Dude ..."

"Dude ..."
Again, did these people simply never pay attention to Trump before voting for him? How could you miss this?

5. "I Voted for You to Make America Great Again!"

"I Voted for You to Make America Great Again!"
Raise of hands, who actually thought that Trump would be a decent human being about this issue?

6. *Rage Tweet*

*Rage Tweet*
Maybe ask around next time, Em. People would've told you.

7. "Who the Hell Cares?"

"Who the Hell Cares?"
Wait, you mean Trump is doing something stupid because he got his feelings hurt?! That doesn't sound right!

8. "Hateful Hate Filled Man"

"Hateful Hate Filled Man"
Yeaaaah, not sure if we can accept that apology right now ...

9. "What a Hypocrite"

"What a Hypocrite"
This tweet came after Trump showed support for the March for Life, not after all those other times Trump made his stance on abortion painfully clear.

10. "Don't Kill Me!"

"Don't Kill Me!"
Can someone tell Scott that Obamacare and the ACA are the same thing? Best wishes on that surgery, guy.

11. "I Just Can't Support This"

"I Just Can't Support This"
We know, we know, it's a total shocker that Trump made a terrible decision on his cabinet. We never saw this coming.

12. "You're Making USA Suck"

"You're Making USA Suck"
Should've listened to those Bernie friends. They know what's up.

13. "Not My Vote Again"

"Not My Vote Again"
Better luck next time, girl.

14. "The Wall I Don't Agree With"

"The Wall I Don't Agree With"
Seriously, he talked about the wall from the beginning. This isn't a surprise.

15. "We Don't Care About Your Investments"

"We Don't Care About Your Investments"
Meanwhile, that's ALL Trump cares about. Sorry 'bout it.

16. "If You Let The Clintons Off ..."

"If You Let The Clintons Off ..."
For real, Michael, THAT'S why you'd never vote for him again?

17. "Tru Blonde Lol Damn"

"Tru Blonde Lol Damn"
Sometimes all you can do is go "SMH ..."

18. "You're Screwing Up"

"You're Screwing Up"
Trump, screwing up the presidency? Unthinkable!

19. "Jill Stine"

"Jill Stine"
Unfortunately, friend, that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

20. "Do You Have Dementia?"

"Do You Have Dementia?"
All valid questions, Bobby.

21. "Sending Her to Concentration Camp"

"Sending Her to Concentration Camp"
This one is actually heartbreaking. Voting for Trump was a dumb choice, no doubt, but no one should have to be afraid like this.

22. "Guess I Die Now"

"Guess I Die Now"
Another absolutely heartbreaking confession. Hopefully something can be worked out for these people ...

23. "Just Another Lying Politician"

"Just Another Lying Politician"
Gee, you think?

24. "Trump is Deployed by Putin to Destroy Our Country"

"Trump is Deployed by Putin to Destroy Our Country"
Michael's right, things are looking pretty shady between Trump and his BFF, Putin.

25. "Wasted My Vote on You"

"Wasted My Vote on You"
Twitter: come to diss the president, stay for all the outrage, shared in 145 characters or less!

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