Dog and Toddler Dress in Same Silly Outfits

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Toggle through these photos of a dog and a toddler dressed in silly outfits. They win the Internet.

1. Jasper and Zoey

Jasper and Zoey
This is Jasper and this is Zoey. Their awesome mom likes to photograph them in similar outfits.

2. Dog and Toddler

Dog and Toddler
Ready to work out?!? Best friends Zoey and Jasper sure are!

3. Hooded BFFs

Hooded BFFs
HA! Check out the expression on Zoey's face in this adorable image, while the dog's good friend Jasper also dons a purple sweatshirt.

4. New York, New York

New York, New York
Zoey and Jasper are totally best friends. They are both big fans of New York.

5. Cutest Photo of All-Time?

Cutest Photo of All-Time?
Zoey the Dog doesn't looked thrilled to be wearing this outfit. But Jasper the Toddler is totally into it!

6. Ready to Soar!

Ready to Soar!
Pilots may not wear this headwear anymore. But we're glad dogs and kids sometimes do!

7. Adorable Best Pals

Adorable Best Pals
We must all bow down before Grace Chon. This photographer has snapped this photo of her dog and her son.

8. Lovable Vikings

Lovable Vikings
This amazing picture speaks for itself. It's of a dog and a 10-month old dressed like vikings.

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