Derick Dillard: CAUGHT Cheating on Jill Duggar?!

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The Duggar family is almost as well known for its strict code of conduct as for its massive size.

Many, if not most, of the rules the Duggars and their spouses are forced to abide by have to do with their sex lives.

You're probably familiar with the Duggar courtship rules that prohibit virtually all forms of premarital physical contact.

But interestingly, men are granted a surprising amount of freedom once they've said "I do."

Which may be why one of the most infamous Duggar couples is still together -- despite rampant rumors that Derick Dillard has been caught cheating on Jill Duggar.

Here's what we know about the situation thus far:

1. Happier Times

Jill and Derick got married back in 2014. In the years since, they've performed missionary work together in Central America and welcomed two sons.

2. Leaving the Spotlight

Leaving the Spotlight
Last year, Derick was fired from Counting On after bullying a fellow TLC star on social media. Jill quit the show as a sign of solidarity.

3. The Strain

The Strain
The couple was left with no source of income, a situation that reportedly placed their marriage under considerable stress.

4. The Rumors Begin

The Rumors Begin
It was around this time that the rumors of Derick being unfaithful to Jill first began to make their way around social media.

5. Big D on Campus

Big D on Campus
Derick began doing work on college campuses as part of his church's ministry program, and it wasn't long before signs of inappropriate relations with female students surfaced online.

6. Caught in the Act

The most damning piece of evidence was this video of Derick partying and dancing with young women with Jill nowhere in sight.

7. Derick on Adultery

Derick on Adultery
Shortly thereafter, Dillard began tweeting Bible quotes addressing the evils of adultery. Many took it as a form of confession.

8. Tweeting About Cheating

Tweeting About Cheating
As you can see, for SOME reason cheating was very much at the forefront of Derick's mind around this time last year.

9. Stepping Down

Stepping Down
It remains unclear how far Derick went with the students to whom he was supposed to be preaching the gospel, but whatever the case, he didn't last long in his role as youth minister.

10. Derick Dillard, Law Student

Derick Dillard, Law Student
These days, however, Derick is back on campus. He recently started attending law school at the University of Arkansas.

11. A Significant Passage

A Significant Passage
The first sign that Jill might be concerned about her husband's ability to remain loyal while attending law school was this post that appeared on her Instagram page earlier this week.

12. A Biblical Warning

A Biblical Warning
As many fans have pointed out, Jill is reading the "Warning Against Adultery" portion of Proverbs.

13. None Too Subtle

None Too Subtle
Not only that, it looks as though she has the whole thing highlighted. Needless to say, Jill is laying it on thick.

14. Taking Precautions

Taking Precautions
Shortly thereafter, Derick posted this photo of himself and Jill attending one of his classes. Together.

15. Sure, Der

Sure, Der
Derick described the occasion as a date, but many fans think romance was the last thing on Jill's mind.

16. Leaving Nothing to Chance

Leaving Nothing to Chance
The consensus among fans seems to be that Jill is shadowing Derick in order to ensure he doesn't cheat.

17. A Flawed Plan

A Flawed Plan
That might be a good temporary fix for now, but is Jill planning to follow Derick to ALL of his remaining classes?

18. And After?

And After?
What about when Derick starts practicing law? Is Jill going to be by his side in the courtroom to make sure he doesn't get frisky with a stenographer?

19. Presumed Guilty

Obviously, there's no solid evidence yet that Derick has been unfaithful, but thus far all signs point to his guilt. Fortunately, he lives in a subculture where men are never to blame for their actions. Even so, Jill probably won't tolerate much more ion terms of infidelity.

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