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For several months now, rumors of Derick Dillard cheating on his wife, Jill Duggar, have been a frequent topic of conversation among Counting On fans on social media.

While these reports are based almost entirely on claims from anonymous sources and speculation from fans, they seem to have gained a considerable amount of traction online.

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So it should come as no surprise that fans are forever scrutinizing Jill’s social media updates for signs of trouble in her marriage.

And the mother of two may have unwittingly given the people what they want with her latest Instagram post.

The image she uploaded seems innocent enough at first:

Jill is reading a highlighted section of the Bible while her children play in the background.

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“Praying for my hubby and boys this morning! #proverbs #wisdom,” Jill captioned the pic.

Seems like typical Duggar stuff — until you realize that Jill is reading a passage from Proverbs that includes the sternly-worded “Warning Against Adultery.”

Did we mention she has the whole thing highlighted? 

“It’s really common to read Proverbs daily, so today’s the fifth and she’s reading Proverbs 5,” one fan commented, adding:

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“It’s not so common to have the entire passage on adultery highlighted.”

Some fans noted the timing of the post, and pointed out that it follows on the heels of Derick’s decision to attend law school — "in the company of other women," as one commenter describes it.

Is Jill anxious about her husband heading off to a college campus populated by young women every day?

“You know she is,” remarked one fan.

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“She’s probably beside herself with anxiety about it.”

Is the highlighted passage Jill’s way of issuing a public warning to her husband?

Why not? Hey, once you’ve boarded the wild speculation train, why not just let the thing go right off the tracks?

And then there are those pious fans who simply take issue with what they perceive as Jill’s boast about her daily Bible time:

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"You obviously need to read the new testament where it says not to show off your works before men such as what you are doing in this post," wrote one such Puritan.

Of course, as always, Jill has had no shortage of defenders, with many pointing out that the choice of passage may be entirely coincidental:

"She (and many others, including myself) read the Proverb that corresponds with the day of the month, as there are 31 Proverbs," wrote one fan.

"No need to read something slanderous into it."

If this were anyone else, we would agree that that’s the most likely explanation — but knowing how much thought the Duggars put into their every social media post, we have our doubts.