David Leavitt: Journalist Jokes About Manchester Bombing, Gets Roasted Alive on Twitter

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David Leavitt is a "journalist" with a surprisingly large Twitter following.

We put the word in quotes because the guy seems to make most of his money live-streaming while he plays video games, and we refuse to live in a world where that's considered journalism.

Anyway, we mention Mr. Leavitt not to make fun of his corny ass career, but to point out the abhorrent comments he made in response to the recent bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

The terrorist attack left 22 dead and at lead more gravely injured.

Leavitt thought the tragedy offered a good opportunity to crack a few jokes at Grande's expense.

Twitter disagreed. Strongly. Check out some of the best responses to David's douchery in the slideshow below:

1. The "Joke"

The "Joke"
This is David's idea of humor. Needless to say, it didn't go over well.

2. Are We Having Fun Yet?

Are We Having Fun Yet?
David "The Jester" Leavitt decided to double down with this "dads' night in the Catskills" gag about Ariana's name. Twitter dug deep and discovered he's been making the same joke for YEARS!

3. Anthony Bourdain Cuts to the Chase

Anthony Bourdain Cuts to the Chase
An objectively accurate description. When Bourdain describes you as a piece of anatomy he wouldn't eat on the Mekong Delta in front of a camera crew, you know it's bad.

4. The Ratio

The Ratio
"The ratio" on Twitter refers to the responses to your tweet in proportion to the "likes" and retweets. When the responses are higher than the other two, that's bad. In Leavitt's case, it was very, very bad.

5. The Rule of Threes

The Rule of Threes
Clearly, David studied under the masters.

6. Sincere Advice ...

Sincere Advice ...
... which, of course, David ignored until it was too late.

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