David Eason to Nathan Griffith: STFU About My Custody Battle or I'll Tell All Your Secrets!

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It's hard to imagine a situation much trashier than a custody battle for children that were removed from the home because their father shot the family dog in a fit of rage.

But David Eason can make any situation trashier -- and he did exactly that this week when he publicly went on the attack against Jenelle Evans' second baby daddy, Nathan Griffith.

Nathan, of course, has been in court for much of the custody hearing, as his son Kaiser has been living with him ever since he was removed from Jenelle and Nathan's home.

Griffith believes that Eason is violent and unstable -- and for some reason, it looks as though David is really going out of his way to prove him right.

Take a look:

1. Duelin' Baby Daddies

Duelin' Baby Daddies
You would think these two would be able to bond over the trauma of creating another human being with none other than Jenelle Evans. Instead, they're forever at each other's throats.

2. A Totally Stable Guy

A Totally Stable Guy
As you've likely heard by now, David and Jenelle lost custody of the three kids who were still living with them after Eason violently murdered his wife's French bulldog.

3. Domino Effect

Domino Effect
The killing led to a CPS investigation, which in turn led to David and Jenelle being declared unfit parents. Evans also got fired from her cushy gig on Teen Mom 2.

4. Courtroom Confrontations

Given that he's the cause of this mess, you would think that David would be on his best behavior at court, right? Ha! That's a good one!

5. Angry Dave

Angry Dave
No, Eason has been involved in several confrontations outside the courthouse, and we're guessing that's not helping him appear more stable to the judge.

6. Nate the Great

Nate the Great
David has clashed with Nathan several times since the hearings began -- and the situation is enough to make you wonder if he even WANTS to regain custody.

7. Losing His Cool

Losing His Cool
David shouted at Nathan not to talk to the press following a day in court, and he's since become obsessed with the idea of Griffith sharing information with the media.

8. #FakeNews

Eason is now saying that he wants to combat this by speaking with the public directly through his YouTube channel.

9. "Employment"

It seems part of the reason that Dave wants YouTube followers is so that he can demonstrate to the judge that he's found employment. (Vloggers are permitted to join the site's ad partnership once they've reached 1,000 followers.) But he's also legitimately paranoid about Nathan talking to the press.

10. The Snap

The Snap
Eason took to Snapchat this week in an effort to basically blackmail Nate into keeping quiet.

11. Spilling the Beans

Spilling the Beans
“Since Nathan wants to tell all the court details but only from his narcissistic point of view, I guess I will spill the beans on his horrific past with his family…on top of other things…” David wrote.

12. Horrific Past

Horrific Past
And just what secrets are David referring to? That's anyone's guess, but in the past, he's accused Griffith of being a pedophile and a child abuser.

13. Where Does He Get His Information?

Where Does He Get His Information?
It's unclear who David's sources are, but since a judge just placed his stepson with Nate, you'd think he would make these allegations public ASAP.

14. Did It Work?

Did It Work?
Interestingly, Nathan has remained quiet in the 24 hours since Eason issued his threat online.

15. The Truth

The Truth
This has led to speculation that David's information might actually be accurate -- but it's much more likely that Nathan is keeping silent for legal reasons.

16. The Custody Clash

The Custody Clash
David being David, he's also locked horns with the other people who are graciously caring for his children.

17. The Smartest Girl

The Smartest Girl
Eleven-year-old Maryssa won't even sit through supervised visits with her father, possibly because David has taken to harassing the girl's grandmother/guardian.

18. What a Guy

What a Guy
According to Radar Online, David was seen shouting at Maryssa's grandmother (the mother of his first baby mama) outside the courthouse this week.

19. Short Temper

Short Temper
David became irate when the woman missed a text he had sent her, and he menacingly parted on the words, "You might want to look into that."

20. Just the Worst

Just the Worst
It's all in a day's work for the guy who's really gunning for the title of America's Angriest Dad.

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