David Eason to Cory Wharton: Fight Me, You Racist Douche!

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New year, same old David Eason.

As you may recall, Eason is no fan of Cory Wharton, the baby daddy of Cheyenne Floyd, who was recently added to the cast of Teen Mom OG.

In fact, David would like Cory to meet him on his beloved Land so that the two men can settle their differences.

Why David thinks the fight should take place on his property is anyone's guess, but the really exciting part about this story is that Wharton might actually be willing to square off against his new rival.

Check it out:

1. Fightin' Words

Fightin' Words
Like most Teen Mom 2 viewers, Cory is not a fan of the bigoted worldview that David has expressed on social media, and he'd relish the opportunity to teach Eason a lesson.

2. The Challenge

The Challenge
“Talking about boxing matches… David, Jenelle’s husband, that’s who I want,” Cory told TMZ last month.

3. We're Sure He Will ...

We're Sure He Will ...
“Set it up, man! Tell him to wear that Confederate flag on his back when he comes to the ring because it’s game time, baby," Wharton continued.

4. Yeah, Real "Professional"

Yeah, Real "Professional"
“He came at my baby mama a couple of times on Twitter so if he wants to be brave on Twitter, let’s handle it!” Cory added. “We’ll set it up, it’ll be professional.

5. The Controversy

The Controversy
Cory is referencing comments David made in response to Cheyenne's casting on Teen Mom OG and controversial tweets about race that were posted by Floyd.

6. Going Off

Going Off
“I’m sickened to hear that Cheyenne Floyd said she hates white people and wants to kill them all!” David wrote on social media. “WELL HOLY SH!T I’m the bad guy even though I never said I hated anyone or wanted to kill them. Yet I received death threats from you morons?”

7. Delayed Response

Delayed Response
David has been unemployed for almost a year now, but for some reason, it took him several weeks to respond to Cory's challenge.

8. Angry Dave

Angry Dave
“So I just heard this racist b-tch Chyenne Floyd [sic] has one of her boyfriends who thinks he wants to fight me," David wrote in a recent Facebook rant.

9. Yeah, That Must Be It

Yeah, That Must Be It
"Why because you and your girl HATE WHITE PEOPLE so you attack the most southern one… You’re better off taking sand-paper to a tigers ass than f--k with me boy,” Eason continued.

10. Oh, the Irony

Oh, the Irony
“Typical racist bastard, I would love to kick you ass son we don’t like racist people around here,” David continued.

11. Hey, Were You Aware David Is From the South?

Hey, Were You Aware David Is From the South?
“It’s so funny that my LOVE for the south (rebel flag) sparks your HATE for white people, let your colors show dumbass," Eason carried on.

12. The Venue

The Venue
"Come on down to Riegelwood since you want to fight me so bad, I’ll be waiting," David (finally) concluded. "Ya girls a hoe too!”

13. About That Last Part

About That Last Part
It's anyone's guess as to why David thinks Cory would agree to fight on Eason's home turf, where he proudly stores a large arsenal of weapons, but David's not exactly the brightest bulb.

14. One Mad Dad

One Mad Dad
Of course, this certainly isn't the first time that David has issued a violent threat in recent weeks.

15. Yeah ... You Can't Do That

Yeah ... You Can't Do That
Eason was recently kicked off of Instagram after boasting about his arsenal and then issuing violent threats to Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi.

16. The Call

And that incident happened just weeks after David's wife, Jenelle Evans, called 911 to accuse David of violently assaulting her.

17. Downward Spiral

Downward Spiral
David's been unemployed since February of 2018, when he was fired by Teen Mom 2 producers after launching a homophobic tirade on social media.

18. Lesson Learned?

Lesson Learned?
In the months since, David's behavior has been more unstable than ever before.

19. His OId Tricks

His OId Tricks
He's boasted about menacing TM2 crew members who film Jenelle on his property, and he posted another homophobic rant just last week.

20. The Hero We Need

The Hero We Need
So it's not hard to see why so many are rooting for Cory to clean David's clock.

21. Dave Can't Fight

Dave Can't Fight
It seems unlikely that the fight will ever happen, as David will no doubt find a reason to back out -- but we can dream.

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