David Eason Closes Out 2018 With Homophobic Facebook Rant

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In a year loaded with awful people, we'd like to make the case for David Eason as the Very Worst Person of 2018.

We know there are people who did far more damage over the course of the past 12 months, but most of them have accrued a fair bit of power and influence over the course of their lives.

David has taken great strides toward making the world a worse place this year, despite having no money of his own and being one divorce filing away from total obscurity.

It's impressive in a deeply depressing/infuriating sort of way.

And now, David is closing out 2018 with more of the bigoted nonsense he's been spewing all year.

Take a look:

1. Dave the Douche

Dave the Douche
David has been awful for as long as we've known about him. But he hit new lows in 2018.

2. Multiple Rock Bottoms

Multiple Rock Bottoms
Eason effed up so consistently and colossally in 2018 that it's impossible to choose a single low point.

3. Not the Brightest Bulb

Not the Brightest Bulb
Of course, David's shock at receiving a visit from the Secret Service after issuing violent threats toward the president and other elected officials springs immediately to mind.

4. Outdoing Himself

Outdoing Himself
But in these final weeks of 2018, David has been finding new and innovative ways to prove to the world he's truly a waste of oxygen.

5. A Man Without a Platform

A Man Without a Platform
Once he got booted off Instagram for that pesky "threatening to kill the president" kerfuffle, David began trying to make a name for himself on Facebook and YouTube.

6. How Does He Do It?

This led to brand new kinds of bad decisions, such as when David decided to film himself illegally towing a stranger's truck.

7. Still the Worst

Still the Worst
Meanwhile, on Facebook, David is still launching bigoted tirades of the kind that got him fired from Teen Mom 2 back in February.

8. Here We Go Again...

Here We Go Again...
Today, David posted this tired-ass meme. Apparently, he envisions himself as a real dapper, Cary Grant-type.

9. This A-Hole

This A-Hole
He added this abominable caption.

10. Roasted

Thankfully, the world is at least slightly less bigoted than David would like to think, so the response to his latest hatefulness was overwhelmingly negative.

11. And He's Off

And He's Off
Of course, David doesn't like when his bigotry is poorly received, so he proceeded to throw a full-blown temper tantrum on Facebook.

12. What Did We Miss?!

What Did We Miss?!
Apparently, some of David's earlier posts were deleted. Right, because we're sure Mark Zuckerberg is personally monitoring the page of a guy who used to be on Teen Mom 2.

13. Loosing Credibility

Loosing Credibility
We're not even sure what homeboy is going on about at this point, but ya gotta love the irony of a guy who won't check the spelling on his own posts complaining about other people's credibility.

14. Ending It Like It Began

Ending It Like It Began
In a way, it's fitting that David should end 2018 with a homophobic tirade. After all, we wouldn't want to lose sight of how awful he is.

15. What a Year

What a Year
It was back in February of 2018 that David posted this pic of Jenelle Evans firing off an assault weapon ... on the same day that 17 were killed in the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

16. True Colors

True Colors
In response to criticism of the post, David went on a homophobic tirade against Teen Mom 2 fans ... and was promptly fired from the show.

17. What a Winner

What a Winner
In the almost year since, David hasn't accomplished much -- unless you consider remaining unemployed and having CPS called to your house 20 times to be accomplishments.

18. Enough Already

Enough Already
And so, we'd like to join the chorus of Teen Mom 2 fans encouraging the show's producers to leave David, Jenelle, and their bigoted beliefs in 2018. It's time.

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