David Eason: Terrible, Negligent Parenting Revealed in Court Documents

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If you follow Jenelle Evans on Instagram, you might have noticed that the former Teen Mom 2 star is in rare form these days.

Obviously, Jenelle is always angry, but these days, she's even more pissed off than usual.

And it's all thanks to one woman -- David Eason's former girlfriend Olivia Leedham.

In just one day, Olivia raised over $5,000 to fund her upcoming custody battle against the Easons.

And it seems she's had no trouble proving to a judge that David is unstable, negligent, and dangerous as a parent.

Take a look:

1. Tough Times

Tough Times
Just when you thought Jenelle's situation couldn't get any sadder, now, the unemployed 27-year-old finds herself at the beginning of yet another ugly legal battle.

2. Kaden Crisis

Kaden Crisis
This time the issue is custody of David Eason's only son, Kaden.

3. Yes, He Exists

Yes, He Exists
Many Teen Mom 2 fans didn't even realize David had a son. The reason for this is simple ...

4. He's Never Around

He's Never Around
David has never had custody of the 5-year-old, and for the much of the boy's life, he was legally prohibited from making any contact.

5. A Rare Victory

A Rare Victory
Back in April, Jenelle and David lost custody of the kids who were actually permitted to live with them. But following a grueling legal battle, they won the right to have the children returned to "The Land."

6. Riding High

Riding High
Perhaps emboldened by that victory, Jenelle and David decided to unearth a long-buried legal battle and fight for custody of Kaden.

7. Request Denied!

Request Denied!
We now know that on June 29, a judge ruled against David in his effort to regain custody of Kaden.

8. Monstrous Behavior

Monstrous Behavior
“The Defendant has committed acts of domestic violence on the Plaintiff during the course of the relationship and that he had endangered the life of the child by pushing Plaintiff when she was eight months pregnant and by leaving her in the middle of the road at night when she was seven months pregnant,” Leedham's lawyers argued.

9. He Destroys Everything He Touches

He Destroys Everything He Touches
They went on to say that during the brief period in which Olivia lifted the restraining order against David, Kaden began to show signs of emotional distress.

10. David Has That Effect On People

David Has That Effect On People
Leedham's attorneys say that in July of 2018, Kaden "began displaying a series of alarming behaviors related to visitation with the Defendant, notably, that he would cry uncontrollably, that he would beg not to visit Defendant, and that he was evasive about why he did not want to visit Defendant at Defendant’s residence.”

11. Being a Mom

Being a Mom
And so, Leedham took the steps necessary to protect her son, and she put a stop to the visits.

12. Plenty of Evidence

Plenty of Evidence
The court sided with Leedham, and it seems it wasn't hard for her to demonstrate that David is an unhinged and dangerous man.

13. Video Proof

In response to footage of David threatening elected officials while showing off his gun collection, the judge wrote, “The court finds this video disturbing and creates safety issues that the Court deems credible,”

14. Negligent From Afar

Negligent From Afar
Of course, it would seem that all of this is something of a moot point, as David barely spent any time with Kaden back when he was permitted to do so.

15. It's All Just Pettiness

It's All Just Pettiness
The court determined that David “did not take full advantage of even the limited amount of time he has been allowed.”

16. Nice Try

Nice Try
David had tried to argue that Olivia should not be permitted to raise Kaden due to past substance abuse issues. (Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.)

17. Overruled

“Since the entry of the February 6, 2018 Custody Order there has been a substantial change in circumstances affecting the welfare of the minor child,” the court determined. “It is in the best interest of the minor child that Plaintiff shall have sole legal and physical custody of the parties’ minor child.”

18. Stumbling Block

Stumbling Block
The Easons are still fighting the decision (of course), and last week Leedham's lawyer quit for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

19. Turning to the People

Turning to the People
So she started a GoFundMe page and asked the public for help with a new round of legal fees.

20. Pleading Her Case

Pleading Her Case
“I don’t have the means to keep going alone financially within the court system,” she stated. “I am finally reaching out for help. I am completely concerned for my son’s safety, physically and mentally.

21. A Plea For Compassion

A Plea For Compassion
"He is persistent on not going to his Dad's and doesn’t even want to speak to him. I am beyond worried.” Leedham wrote. “Please help me to keep my baby safe.

22. Victory

Olivia exceeded her goal within 24 hours of explaining her situation on GoFundMe.

23. Here We Go ....

Here We Go ....
Naturally, it wasn't long before David shot back with a social media tirade and a GoFundMe of his own. “My son Kaden has been in/out of my life since the day he was born, never my fault," he began.

24. The Whiner

The Whiner
"My ex is holding me back from seeing my son under every and any circumstance for no legit reason," he griped. "I pay my child support which is an insane amount and very unfair."

25. It Never Ends ...

It Never Ends ...
"It’s very hard to maintain the life we live with all the false information being spread around about myself and being a well-known public figure," Eason concluded.

26. True Hilarity!

True Hilarity!
Naturally, fans weren't buying it, and David raised just $135 dollars before his campaign became inactive for unknown reasons. Better luck next time!

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