Kailyn Lowry to David Eason: I Might Be Fat & Gay But You're a Child-Abusing Psycho! [UPDATED]

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David Eason is the worst, right?

And yeah, we start so many stories about David off with that, but it's usually a very relevant fact.

He's just so, so awful. It's actually kind of impressive how awful he is.

David is capable of terrorizing the world in several different way, but today, we're going to be talking about his obnoxious little bigot streak -- and how he used it to talk trash about Kailyn Lowry.

1. Facts Only

Facts Only
David Eason is garbage, and everybody knows it.

2. Going Strong

Going Strong
And if you didn't, then there are plenty of examples showing just how terrible he can be.

3. A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane
Remember a couple of years ago when he was still on Teen Mom 2, and MTV threw a party as part of a special and he alarmed everyone when he pulled out a knife and stabbed some balloons because no one would give him anymore drinks?

4. Totally Normal

Totally Normal
And then there was the time last year that the Secret Service paid him a visit after he seemingly threatened to shoot the president. There was an FBI investigation and everything.

5. RIP Sweet Angel

RIP Sweet Angel
Just a few months ago, he beat and killed Nugget, Jenelle's poor little French bulldog, and no one will ever forget it.

6. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
And of course there are all the rumors and reports of domestic violence sprinkled all throughout his past.

7. Team Anyone But David

Team Anyone But David
For the past few days, he's been in a very public feud with an ex of his named Olivia -- they share a son, but Olivia keeps him away because of who David is as a person. She's said that David abused her, even while she was pregnant, and that she just doesn't feel safe having her kid with him unsupervised.

8. You Go Girl

You Go Girl
Olivia started a GoFundMe because she was running out of money for lawyer fees for custody stuff, and she reached her goal of $5,000 very quickly -- and that infuriated David and Jenelle.

9. Classic

They made their own GoFundMe with no clear fundraising goal besides "help David and his fragile little ego," and they only managed to raise a tiny bit of money before the page was shut down, so instead, they started trashing Olivia every chance they got.

10. Ugh

They called her an alcoholic drug addict who would use all the money she raised towards her addictions, and someone even shared a nude photo of her on the GoFundMe page -- wonder who that could have been?

11. Curious

Reports have stated that Olivia received sole physical and legal custody of her son back in June, but David has said that's not true -- this part is a little confusing, honestly.

12. So Much Drama

So Much Drama
But the point is that with all of this custody drama, as well as this week's drama with Kaiser's football team, David and Jenelle should be good, right? They should have their hands full.

13. Gross

But David can always manage to find new and pathetic ways of being awful, right?

14. Enemies

So, real quick, some backstory on this thing specifically -- David and Jenelle have had issues with Kailyn Lowry for a long time now.

15. Rude

Jenelle revealed Kailyn was pregnant with Lux before she got a chance to do it herself, and we all remember when she thought it would be cute to burn the "peace gathering" gift Kailyn sent her of her hair care products.

16. How Mature

How Mature
As for David, he hit back at reports that crew members were scared to film at the Eason residence by saying "MTV crew told me the only thing they are scared of is Kails stank ass breath and body odor."

17. Ridiculous

And just before he murdered Nugget, he went after her again when some site called her "stunning" -- he wrote on Instagram that “I’m sorry but there is nothing stunning about being overweight."

18. Of Course

Of Course
That's his go-to, to insult Kailyn's weight. He's also fond of bringing up the fact that she's bisexual, because LOL, right?

19. So Dumb

So Dumb
And since he loves to insult Leah Messer sometimes as well, we suppose he really couldn't help but comment when they popped up in a photo together.

20. Cute!

Kailyn and Leah have gotten really close recently, and they attended this year's MTV VMAs together back on Monday. Here's a selfie Leah took of what they wore that night.

21. Why Though

Why Though
Enter David and his big dumb gross mouth.

22. Embarrassing

Over on Snapchat, David shared a video commenting on their looks -- the camera was pointed towards another photo of them together with their arms around each other, and he offered some captions.

23. Just ... No

Just ... No
"Ahhh, I'm gonna eat you," he said in a deep rumbling voice while zooming in on Kailyn.

24. Sigh

In a higher pitched voice, while zooming in on Leah, he said "Ah, you already did last night, remember?!

25. Annoying

Do you get it? Because Kailyn is bigger than Leah so she wants to eat her, like actually eat her like food? But then also the sexual joke because Kailyn dates women sometimes? Do you get it?

26. Please Stop

Please Stop
It's honestly just so embarrassing that David thinks these things are funny or cute or whatever he thinks.

27. It Hurts

It Hurts
Even if he's just saying this nonsense to annoy people, it's just dumb.

28. Remarkable

Like, yes, Kailyn and Leah are built pretty differently. Sometimes people of the same gender get together romantically.

29. The Hard Truth

The Hard Truth
This wouldn't have been funny in like the third grade, but David is in his thirties and this is just wild.

30. Moving Right Along

Moving Right Along
As of right now, Kailyn hasn't responded to this, and neither has Leah, and we can't imagine they will. Why waste time when all David is doing is making himself look bad?

31. Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry
And that's all he will continue to do, for the rest of all time.

32. UPDATE: Kail Claps Back!

UPDATE: Kail Claps Back!
Kail clapped back at David in epic fashion not long after she received word of his latest disgusting tirade.

33. Get Him!

Get Him!
"My best friend just told me what David recently said about me & Leah," she tweeted.

34. Mic Drop

Mic Drop
"I could be called worse. For example: unemployed, child abuser, murderer, psychopath, etc. #yikes," she added.

35. Round of Applause

Round of Applause
Along with many, many others, Leah was quick to voice her support for Kail's comments.

36. Unexpected Outcome

Unexpected Outcome
Amazingly, both Jenelle and David have yet to respond to Kail's latest salvo.

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