David Eason: Jenelle Evans' New Boyfriend Is an Alcoholic Loser!

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Earlier this week, we reported that Jenelle Evans has dropped her restraining order against David Eason.

As far as we know, David has not made any effort to contact his ex-wife, and fortunately, the two of them still live in different states.

Still, the lifting of the restraining order might have consequences that were not anticipated by Jenelle when she decided to simply let it expire.

For example, Eason now has more freedom on social media, and he's already exercised it by going on the attack against Jenelle's new boyfriend Herb Wilkinson.

Here's how the situation has played out thus far:

1. The Saga of David and Herb

The Saga of David and Herb
It seems Jenelle Evans' ex-husband is not getting along with her new boyfriend. And not surprisingly, David Eason is not holding back in expressing his opinion of Herb Wilkinson.

2. New Guy

New Guy
Yes, less than three months after her divorce, Jenelle is reportedly getting serious with Wilkinson, a 23-year-old Massachusetts resident who's raising a lot of red flags.

3. Toxic Herb?

Toxic Herb?
Herb was recently arrested for DWI, and he has an ugly, David-esque habit of posting bigoted tirades on his social media pages.

4. A Brighter Future?

A Brighter Future?
Despite all of that, some fans are excited about Jenelle's future, and one of them expressed this optimism on David's Facebook page this week.

5. Called Out

Called Out
It all started when one of David's followers decided to stir the pot by commenting, "Bro, you got nothing on herby wilkinson."

6. Going There

Going There
"Heard he is so much better. He is so much hotter too," the commenter added.

7. Taking the Bait

Taking the Bait
Thin-skinned David can't resist responding to trash-talk so we was quick to up the ante by leveling an accusation at Wilkinson.

8. Doubling Down

Doubling Down
"I heard he was a severe alcoholic who lives in a sober living home..." Eason replied.

9. Where to Begin?

Where to Begin?
For starters, how butt-hurt is this guy that Jenelle is the first to move on?

10. Is Dave Drunk?

Is Dave Drunk?
Also, someone should inform Eason that 1. Herb is not involved in this conversation, and 2. seeking treatment for an addiction is actually a healthy and commendable thing. You should try it sometime, Dave!

11. Just Sayin'

After all, the person you're about to square off against in your divorce/custody battle claims that you're addicted to multiple substances, and ... well, she's got the receipts to prove it.

12. Setting the Record Straight?

Setting the Record Straight?
Another fan argued that Eason has his facts mixed up, which led to David insisting he knows exactly what he's talking about.

13. Conflicting Claims

Conflicting Claims
"Nah, he's out and been sober for 5 months now. But how long that'll last, who knows," wrote the follower.

14. Dave's Decree

Dave's Decree
"You are wrong," Eason bluntly replied.

15. Intoxicating Herb

Intoxicating Herb
Is Herb still in a sober living house, or is he back on his own with 5 months of sobriety under his belt? Currently, it's unclear. But one thing we know for sure is that Jenelle is head-over-heels for the guy.,

16. New Year, New Jenelle

New Year, New Jenelle
Those who know her best say Jenelle is happier than ever. And her recent selfies seem to attest to the fact that she has much to smile about.

17. Boston Girl?

Boston Girl?
Insiders claim that Evans has made several trips to Boston to spend time with Herb, and she may be planning to relocate to the city.

18. More Than Talking

More Than Talking
“She has been talking to someone," a source close to Jenelle recently confirmed to UK tabloid The Sun.

19. That's Putting It Mildly

That's Putting It Mildly
“She’s visiting him because she is interested in him," the insider added.

20. Repeating the Same Mistakes?

Repeating the Same Mistakes?
Not surprisingly, there are concerns that Jenelle is moving too quickly, and fans are imploring the former reality star not to uproot her kids again by moving to Boston.

21. A Step in the Right Direction

A Step in the Right Direction
But whatever the case, there's one thing for which we can all be grateful -- it looks as though there's no chance that Jenelle and David will ever get back together!

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