David Eason Harasses Kailyn Lowry, Scares Teen Mom 2 Crew Away From The Land! [Exclusive Reactions]

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Perhaps his wife's six-figure salary interferes with his "redneck king" self-image.

Or maybe the fact that his spouse is the sole breadwinner is beginning to undermine his already-fragile masculinity.

Whatever the case, David Eason seems hell-bent on sabotaging Jenelle Evans' career.

Eason got fired from Teen Mom 2 back in February of 2018, and now it appears as though he wants Evans to suffer the same fate.

And according to a shocking new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, if David's goal is to make sure MTV severs ties with his family for good, he's really doing a bang-up job.

Take a look:

1. The Battling Easons

The Battling Easons
In the early days of their relationship, David and Jenelle mostly fought with each other. These days, they lash out at anyone who has the misfortune to cross their path.

2. One Mad Dad

One Mad Dad
In fact, David is so angry at the moment that you don't even need to come into contact with him to incur his ire.

3. A List of Targets

A List of Targets
In just the last few weeks, David has issued violent threats against Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and fellow Teen Mom baby daddy Cory Wharton.

4. The Real Deal

The Real Deal
Unfortunately, this is a guy whose psychotic ramblings need to be taken seriously, as he's both unhinged and heavily armed.

5. Cause For Concern

Cause For Concern
And it's for that reason that Teen Mom 2 crew members are reportedly refusing to film on Jenelle's property for fear of a violent attack by David.

6. Frightening News

Frightening News
According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, three different crew members have requested to be taken off of Jenelle's shoots and re-assigned to one of the show's other cast members.

7. The Jenelle Detail

The Jenelle Detail
“There are a lot of crew members who work on multiple girls’ shoots—or all of the girls’ shoots–during the season,” said one of The Ashley’s production sources.

8. Necessary Precautions

Necessary Precautions
“After the first video [of David threatening to shoot trespassers who came on The Land] incident, several of them said they will no longer accept shoots with Jenelle, because they are downright scared to go anywhere near her, out of fear of what David may do," the insider continued.

9. Unhinged

Yes, David has posted several videos in which he fires guns and threatens to kill anyone who sets foot on his land without his express permission.

10. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
So it's not hard to see why crew members are hesitant to film on his land, knowing that Eason has utter disdain for both MTV and Teen Mom 2.

11. Danger on the Land

Danger on the Land
“They no longer feel comfortable working on Jenelle,” a second source told The Ashley.

12. Open Disdain

Open Disdain
"There are some people who no longer feel safe going down there anymore because David has made it clear that he does not like the people from MTV, and that he has a ton of weapons," the insider added.

13. A Serious Issue

A Serious Issue
"There have been multiple discussions among various crew member groups about the possibility of him coming to a location where we’re filming and opening fire if he’s in a bad mood or something, even if it’s just to scare us," the source continued.

14. Playing It Safe

Playing It Safe
“His videos and [recent] actions make people think he’s erratic and unpredictable,” the source added. “Some of the people who used to work Jenelle’s shoots don’t want to risk being anywhere near David.”

15. Unprecedented

“Over the years, certain girls and certain crew members have had spats and stopped working together,” one source says. “[A crew member] can request to be taken off a girl’s shoots. That’s happened before with Farrah and Amber, etc. But I think this is the first time people are refusing to do shoots out of safety concerns," the informant said.

16. Insufficient Precautions

Insufficient Precautions
"Each shoot has security guards, but that hasn’t helped anyone feel safer," the insider added.

17. A Real Threat

A Real Threat
That may sound dramatic, but David is heavily armed, and he has made his anger toward MTV and Viacom very clear on a number of occasions.

18. The Beginning of the End?

The Beginning of the End?
“It definitely puts the [higher-ups] in an uncomfortable spot,” one source told The Ashley. “They can not force anyone to work with Jenelle."

19. Not Worth It

Not Worth It
"The producers and certain others are employees but most of the crew and other people who work on the shoots are all freelancers," the tipster added. "They get calls asking them to cover a certain girl’s shoot at a certain time, and lately, a lot of people are turning down the Jenelle shoots. They feel it’s just not worth the risk to be there if something goes down.”

20. Few Options

Few Options
The source went on to say that it wouldn't be easy for producers to replace the crew that's refused to shoot with Jenelle.

21. Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew
"Everyone has to be cleared and go through a process," said the insider. "So with a lot of the cleared people saying no to Jenelle’s shoots, they may have to start running skeleton crews.”

22. Angry Dave

Angry Dave
And of course, it's not just his former bosses whom David is angry with.

23. Kail Crisis

Kail Crisis
David has a longstanding obsession with Jenelle's Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry.

24. Lowry Sounds Off

Lowry Sounds Off
So when Kail made it clear that she stands in solidarity with the crew members who aren't willing to risk their lives to film Jenelle freakin' Evans putzing around on her big empty lot, David became quite upset.

25. Mature

Eason posted this brilliant zinger on Facebook earlier today. Why ... why would the cast stay away from Jenelle's land because of Kail's breath? Whatever, it's not like we expect his "jokes" to make sense.

26. Jenelle Jumps In

Jenelle Jumps In
From behind the safety of a keyboard, Jenelle entered the fray with a lame attempt at intimidation.

27. Desperation

Once again, Jenelle resorted to desperate measures to justify her obsession with Kail. And once again, no one is buying it.

28. Classy

And once again, David -- who looks the way he looks -- resorted to name-calling and body-shaming.

29. Roasted

Unfortunately for Jenelle and David, Kail is far wittier than the two of them combined, and she's not one to shy away from a fight.

30. Checkmate

“Ive definitely gained weight, in my pockets. Thank you Jenelle & David for posting @potheadhaircare,” Kail said, in reference to her new hair care line.

31. Now That You Mention It...

Now That You Mention It...
For those waiting at home, the cosmetics line that Jenelle has been promising for years remains MIA. Just sayin' ...

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