Coffee Shop Patron Live-Tweets the Greatest Love Story of Our Time

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Sometimes, when you got into a coffee shop, an angry customer is ranting against white discrimination.

Other times when you go into a coffee shop, however, you bear witness to an encounter that is so unexpected and so romantic that you simply must live-Tweet its every detail for your 1,188 followers.

This is what happened to Twitter user @notjerryclayton.

His string of descriptions regarding a barista and a fellow employee inside of an establishment at which he was the only patron has gone viral...

... and you're about to see why!

1. The love story begins...

The love story begins...
Typical tale, really: Guy meets overpriced latte. Girl admits a crush to another Guy. The first Guy gets excited to tell Twitter all about it.

2. Might this be more than a mere crush?

Might this be more than a mere crush?
Six months?!? That's somewhere between a crush and true love.


Whoa. He made a run for it?!? And never returned? Or to ponder his return romantic gesture? Keep reading to find out!

4. What to do... What to do...

What to do... What to do...
There's a possible wedding and kids and grandkids at stake here... but sometimes a guy just needs a refill!

5. Phew. One problem solved.

Phew. One problem solved.
But another is still awaiting an answer.

6. He's back! And...

He's back! And...
HOLY $HIT, indeed! It is true love!

7. Admit it, man

Admit it, man
Admit it all. Don't hold anything back any longer.

8. D'uh!

Yes, go make out. Go make all the way out, you crazy kids!

9. Who says love is dead?

Who says love is dead?
And who says 2016 sucked? It ended in perfect harmony for at least two people.

10. This. Did. Not. Happen.

This. Did. Not. Happen.
Oh, but it did! And it's about to get better...

11. Thank ME? Thank YOU!

Thank ME? Thank YOU!
And thanks for the muffin.

12. Let this be a lesson to all:

Let this be a lesson to all:
The Cafe Girl is inside of you. She's inside of all of us. Embrace her and live happily ever after.

13. In conclusion:

In conclusion:
@notjerryclayton has some funny friends, too.

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