Valerie Fairman Death: Teen Mom Cast and Fans React, Mourn 16 & Pregnant Star

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News of Valerie Fairman's death shocked the Teen Mom world today, as the 23-year-old's passing sent shock waves across Twitter.

The former 16 & Pregnant cast member leaves behind a daughter, Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards), who is only seven years old.

The uncertain future of her little girl, combined with Fairman's cause of death, make the situation about as jarring and somber as they come.

Her MTV co-stars, including those who went on to star on Teen Mom 2, are among those sharing their feelings and grief on social media. 

Not surprisingly, those who knew her are not taking it well. Valerie's passing has also raised familiar questions about the perils of addiction.

See what the Teen Moms and their fans are saying below ...

1. Rest Easy, Angel

Rest Easy, Angel
Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans, who starred with Valerie on 16 & Pregnant Season 2, was clearly moved by her passing.

2. Don't Take Life For Granted

Don't Take Life For Granted
Sage words from Jenelle. First time we've ever said that ...

3. This Makes Me So Sad

This Makes Me So Sad
More from Jenelle Evans, who later took these two tweets down from her page (for some reason, as they're perfectly nice sentiments).

4. Condolences From Kailyn

Condolences From Kailyn
Kailyn Lowry also offered her condolences to the grieving Fairman family.

5. The Teen Mom Community Grieves

The Teen Mom Community Grieves
Chelsea Houska offered condolences as well. Clearly, all of the stars of the Teen Mom community were affected by this passing.

6. Nikkole Paulun Shares a Memory

Nikkole Paulun Shares a Memory
Nikkole Paulun also starred in the second season of 16 & Pregnant. She shared this photo of herself and Valerie.

7. A Holiday Tragedy

A Holiday Tragedy
Nikkole pointed out that the tragedy of Valerie's death is compounded by its timing.

8. Farrah Sends Her Prayers

Farrah Sends Her Prayers
Farrah Abraham also offered her condolences. Considering the context, we'll give her difficulty with her native language a pass.

9. Leah Messer Mourns

Leah Messer Mourns
Leah Messer described Fairman's passing as "heartbreaking."

10. Addiction Kills

Addiction Kills
Many fans on Twitter have been prompted by Valerie's passing to open up about their personal experiences with addiction.

11. Nevaeh's Mom

Nevaeh's Mom
Valerie leaves behind a beloved daughter, just 7 years old ...

12. Too Many Deaths

Too Many Deaths
Friends of Valerie's have pleaded with others in her position to stop selling and using. David is purportedly a former boyfriend of Fairman's, though we have yet to confirm this.

13. Tough Love

Tough Love
Some folks have been less forgiving in their assessment of the situation. There are no easy solutions to the nation's drug epidemic.

14. Poor Nevaeh

Poor Nevaeh
But regardless of one's feelings about the solution, all agree that Valerie's passing is a tremendous tragedy.

15. Smile Because She Was Here

Smile Because She Was Here
This fan paid touching tribute on Instagram.

16. Valerie and Jenelle

Valerie and Jenelle
Several social media users shared this photo of Valerie and Jenelle.

17. Teen Mom Tragedy...

Teen Mom Tragedy...
The official 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom Facebook pages before shared their condolences.

18. Addiction Can Be Treated

Addiction Can Be Treated
Many took Valerie's passing as an occasion to remind those who need help to seek it.

19. Thoughts and Prayers...

Thoughts and Prayers...
In the end, all Valerie's fans can do is appreciate their loved ones and offer support to her family...

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