Ciara Poses Topless and Pregnant, Internet Loses its Mind

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Two and a half years have passed since Ciara and her rapper ex-fiance Future split, but still, Internet trolls love to evoke that relationship.

Especially when the former couple's child is involved.

To wit, one photo in particular among the many images of Ciara topless and pregnant in Harper's Bazaar has people all kinds of fired up.

Even though she's married to Russell Wilson, and expecting a new baby with him, every single move is supposedly directed at Future.

At least if you believe some of her online critics ... but fortunately, plenty of fans came to Ciara's defense regarding the photos as well.

See a sampling of the Twitter debate that erupted:


1. Ciara: Topless and Pregnant

Ciara: Topless and Pregnant
This is a revealing picture to be sure, and one that some people deemed to be a little much. But that's not even close to the most controversial image from the shoot ...

2. Just the 4 of Us

Just the 4 of Us
Ciara, Russell Wilson, baby Future and future baby Wilson pose for a photo that has fans all kinds of worked up. Her caption: "Just the 4 of Us." For many people on Twitter, it's just 2 many nude limbs.

3. SO Disrespectful

SO Disrespectful
Is it, though?

4. Baby Future is Too Old!

Baby Future is Too Old!
This was a common theme among Twitter critics.

5. This is Weird

This is Weird
More than a few memes popped up to that effect.

6. Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory
What if I told you ... she's pushing his buttons as part of a passive-aggressive naked war of words and pics?!

7. She Had Her Defenders, Though ...

She Had Her Defenders, Though ...

8. Society is So Bitter

Society is So Bitter

9. Um, Have You Met Future?!

Um, Have You Met Future?!
Sounds like he disrespected her - and worse. Just saying.

10. Joy = Offensive Somehow

Joy = Offensive Somehow
Welcome to the Internet.

11. Funny and Sad

Funny and Sad
Definitely a weird combination of both.

12. Since 2014!

Since 2014!
Seriously, people. Let it go.

13. They're Married, and Future Bailed!

They're Married, and Future Bailed!
Hard to argue with that logic.

14. Russell is a Real Dad

Russell is a Real Dad
He actually wants to be with the littler Future ... yet gets hated on.

15. Points 1-4 Are Valid

Points 1-4 Are Valid
Any or all of the above.

16. Rap Twitter Cares More Than They Do

Rap Twitter Cares More Than They Do
Very plausible theory.

17. Double Standards

Double Standards
Sadly, not the first nor the last case of this happening.

18. Can She Breathe?

Can She Breathe?
This is Twitter in a nutshell.

19. The Only Response There Is

The Only Response There Is
Ciara didn't address her fans or haters. She just posted another shot of her gorgeous self, which is really the ultimate response.

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