International Women's Day: Stars Celebrate on Twitter!

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If you've spent any time on social media in the past 12 hours, you're probably aware that it's International Women's Day - but you might not be aware of what that means.

As its name suggests IWD is a day to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of the global female community.

This year, the International Women's Day is of added importance, as tens of thousands of women are participating in the Day Without a Woman - a general strike prompted by the dangerously misogynistic remarks and policies of Donald Trump and his administration.

So whether you're striking or taking to social media to express solidarity, take a moment to see what some of the most outspoken celebs have to say about this momentous day:

1. Chelsea Handler Issues Savage Trump Burn

Chelsea Handler Issues Savage Trump Burn
Can someone send a burn unit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

2. LeBron Remains Woke

LeBron Remains Woke
No Trump-style "locker room" talk on the Cavs.

3. Ronda Rousey Won't Back Down

Ronda Rousey Won't Back Down
The UFC icon tweeted this photo, along with a caption reading, "#Resist."

4. Adele Explains It All

Adele Explains It All
Adele tweeted this quote from Canadian feminist Charlotte Whitton.

5. Emma's Bookfairies Are on the Loose

Emma's Bookfairies Are on the Loose
Emma Watson spearheads an international literacy foundations that gives away books in a creative fashion. Today, her bookfairies have a special goal.

6. Ellen is Grateful

Ellen is Grateful
Ellen's message was simple, but profound

7. Kim Offers Thanks

Kim Offers Thanks
Mrs. Kardashian-West expresses her gratitude to the women who paved the way.

8. Tatiana Maslany Stands Tall

Tatiana Maslany Stands Tall
A show of support from the Orphan Black star.

9. Wise Words From Alyssa Milano

Wise Words From Alyssa Milano
The actress remids us the future is female.

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