Celebrities We Lost in 2014

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41. Hurricane Carter

Hurricane Carter
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter fought against injustice for most of his adult life. The boxer died of prostate cancer at 76.

42. Bob Hoskins

Bob Hoskins
Rest in peace, Bob Hoskins. The veteran British actor died at the age of 71 in April.

43. Elena Baltacha

Elena Baltacha
Elena Baltacha passed away at the age of 30. The former tennis star lost her battle with liver cancer.

44. Lee Marshall

Lee Marshall
Lee Marshall, the voice of Tony the Tiger, died at the age of 64.

46. Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou
Legendary poet Maya Angelou. She died recently at the age of 86.

47. Ann B. Davis

Ann B. Davis
Ann B. Davis, the beloved actress behind Alice on The Brady Bunch, died after a fall in her bedroom. She was 88 years old.

48. Jan Hooks

Jan Hooks
Rest in peace, Jan Hooks. This SNL alum starred on the sketch comedy series for 5 seasons and died at 57.

49. Rudy Dee

Rudy Dee
Rest in peace, Rudy Dee. The screen legend was 91 when she died in June.

50. Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn
Baseball great Tony Gwynn passed away in June at the age of 54.

51. Eli Wallach

Eli Wallach
Eli Wallach has passed away. The beloved actor was 98 years old.

53. Dave Legeno

Dave Legeno
Dave Legeno passed away at the age of 50. The actor was best known for his role in Harry Potter.

54. Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter
Johnny Winter passed away recently. The legendary blues guitarist was 70 years old.

55. Elaine Stritch

Elaine Stritch
Elaine Stritch passed away at the age of 89. Modern era TV fans know her best as Jack's mom on 30 Rock.

56. James Garner

James Garner
Veteran TV and film actor James Garner passed away at the age of 86.

57. James Brady

James Brady
Ronald Reagan press secretary and gun control advocate James Brady died in August at the age of 73.

58. Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall
Lauren Bacall was a movie legend. She passed away in August at the age of 89.

59. Don Pardo

Don Pardo
Rest in peace, Don Pardo. The iconic Saturday Night Live voice died at 96.

60. Richard Attenborough

Richard Attenborough
Richard Attenborough has passed away at the age of 90. R.I.P.

61. Jimi Jamison

Jimi Jamison
Rest in peace, Jimi Jamison. The singer and former Survivor frontman died at the age of 63.

62. Molly Glynn

Molly Glynn
Molly Glynn tragically died in September 2014 after a tree fell on her during a storm. Her husband then posted this picture on Facebook.

63. Richard Kiel

Richard Kiel
Richard Kiel passed away at the age of 74. He's best remembered for playing a villain in two James Bond movies.

64. Rob Bironas

Rob Bironas
Rob Bironas has died at the age of 36. The NFL kicker was killed in a car crash.

65. Eric 'The Actor' Lynch

Eric 'The Actor' Lynch
Eric "The Actor" Lynch has passed away at the age of 39. He will be missed.

66. Polly Bergen

Polly Bergen
Polly Bergen has passed away. The actress was 84 years old.

67. Speaker Knockerz

Speaker Knockerz
Speaker Knockerz has passed away. The young emerging rapper was only 19.

68. Lynda Bellingham

Lynda Bellingham
Lynda Bellingham has passed away in October 2014. The beloved UK actress was 66 years old.

69. Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De La Renta
Oscar De La Renta has passed away. The legendary fashion designer was 82.

70. Oscar Taveras

Oscar Taveras
Oscar Taveras was killed in a car accident at age 22. He was one of the most promising young players in baseball.

71. Marcia Strassman

Marcia Strassman
R.I.P. Marcia Strassman (Welcome Back Kotter, Honey I Shrunk the Kids). She was 66.

72. Wayne Static

Wayne Static
The Static-X rocker has tied at the age of 48.

73. Big Paybacc

Big Paybacc
Rapper Big Paybacc was shot and killed in November 2014. RIP.

75. Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker
Singer Joe Cocker passed away at age 70. He's remembered for such hits as "Up Where We Belong," and his cover of The Beatles' "With a Little Help From My Friends."

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